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  1. How did that boat change the way you sail? They were cool to watch but I personally haven't spend much time on foiling wing sail cats.
  2. She belongs in Alameda. Please send her home.
  3. Did they let someone besides Ernie give it a go before breaking out the sawzall?
  4. Ah yes. Bless their hearts. They weren't here for a long time, but they were here for a good time.
  5. What's it rate?
  6. All the sorrys in the world aren't going to bring that eye back, mister
  7. That's some big boy sailing right there. They should put it in the Olympics
  8. Macerator. Mastocation is done at the other end And eat more fiber Stay in school, kids YMMV
  9. Elude Not allude Stay in school, kids
  10. He pretty much already does. We just need to issue certificates
  11. Meanwhile, there was Finn sailing in San Diego and, after a long hiatus, in Newport Beach this weekend. Neither the boat nor the sailors are as rough on you as their reputations. Come out and play.
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