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  1. Put the SF line to leeward of the leeward mark so no one would ever go through it unless they're finishing. Having a restricted line in the middle of the racecourse takes away a lot of tactical options during the race
  2. Whelp, let's see. You'll move the COE aft creating more weather helm, you'll create a reason for PHRF to change the rating, you'll take yourself out of the whole reason to have a J105 (OD racing) and you won't be able to tack or gybe (in main roach vs standing rod backstay, backstay wins every time) There are lots of PHRF orphans that are already set up for square top mains if that's what you're into. Boats that go a lot faster than a J105
  3. Sure was a sweet boat when new. Beautiful and fast.
  4. Aren't you a little long in the tooth to be sleeping on the boat at the regatta? Hang them in the garage. Go win new ones. Hang those in the garage too.
  5. Depends. Do you want to sail around by yourself? Sounds like a cool project. Want to test yourself and get better? Eat a burrito and come out and play with the big boys. You've got the right attitude
  6. If you're too big for a Laser, want to test yourself against the best, want to be part of a great community and great tradition, want to be able to charter boats and show up at events in other parts of the world, and want to level up your sailing faster than you have since you were a little kid, the list is pretty short. Test drives and regatta loaners available.
  7. Aaaaaaan 5 posts to get to a circular firing squad of "fuck you." Glad that function still works. Wouldn't want to throw away 20 years if tradition. And KG if you're out there; fuck you.
  8. Screen saver from the 90s
  9. J70 Worlds at Cal YC in August Finn NAs at SDYC in September
  10. Yes,yes. You miss perving on the NB cougars. Give it a rest.
  11. You forgot about the tar on the dogs' feet at Pt Isabel for a few years.
  12. Well, that is a bit much. She should stick to 15 year olds
  13. Ignore this chickenshit (and rastro too) and enjoy your boat.
  14. No worries! The San Pedro one is not as hurricane-ish but breezy for So Cal
  15. Just SW of Pt Fermin. Right on the layline to the bouy. 400 miles south of you
  16. Indeed. Very similar experience. That kind of impact may twist the whole fin of the IOR boat, but not the J boat. YMMV
  17. Yep! The play for the cone is quite mysterious. But even if the timing if off, you have to go that way at least long enough to lay North Point. Small breeze big water under there if you don't. And BTW a J105 going all the up into the cone to the Keep Out-Federal Prison sign hits at the keel about a boatlength before the bow would hit. Learned the hard way. Left a piece of lead there to mark the spot.
  18. Flood is darker/greener (and the air feels colder on the boat) Ebb is brown. Not breezy enough to make the chop jump up, but still looks like flood. Looks like they're way over/down by TI. Dont want to go to the cityfront unless you can lay North Point. If not, take a couple tacks up behind Alcatraz into the cone. But I bet they had dudes that knew those tricks onboard that day.
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