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  1. Maybe washers too if you're feeling frisky.
  2. Tacking duel, leading in the last beat in a match race. "We're gonna stay on him like a fat kid on cake." Laughing so hard I couldn't grind the jib in for a sec
  3. What is a non competitive race? Is that just going sailing?
  4. Tops of my thighs have been numb for the last 20 years or so, after several seasons of Melges 24s on the SF Cityfront. Feels like a local anesthetic. I've always seen it as a small sacrifice for a ton of fun but wouldn't want to do more. My answer would be different if it were Intestinal scarring though.
  5. Ok. Whew. What about splicing it right onto the eye without luggage tagging it? Bonus-you get to hang out on the boat while you do it.
  6. Your trav is 1:1? Damn. You got Chuck Norris trimming main? He could just scare the car into holding onto the end of the line.
  7. Find a mark and go around and around and around the smallest circles you can. 10x. Then go the other way 10x. Then come up from leeward and keep the bow within a foot of the mark for as long as you can. 30 seconds us. Them go up wind and tack 20x. Then go back down and gybe 20x. Repeat.
  8. Finn on trailer in the garage. Some laundry piled on the bow. Tie down straps loosened, top cover off and inspection ports open. Bike leaning against it. Car outside
  9. Yeah. Plus not much snowmelt runoff in winter. Rainwater yes, a few days after it rains Rain runoff and snowmelt runs on top of the saltwater that the tide book tells you about. The foils and most of the hull are still riding around I'm the salt water, so don't throw the tide book about the window just yet.
  10. Look at the telltales on the leech of the main. Are they flying? No? Ease trav or sheet. Yes? See if you can pull it in some more (then watch the speedo) Look at your friends. Are the falling over because the boat is flipping over? Yes? Trav down Look at the helmsman. Are his or her arms getting more ripped by the second from pulling on the tiller so hard? Yes? Trav down Pull the main in as hard as you can get away with, watching those 3 things and mostly the speedo. Main trimmer is the throttle man. Also depends on tactical situation (fighting to hold lane? Footing
  11. Briefing each morning and evening and races broadcast live. Maybe check the power button on your computer?
  12. My Magic Marine ones have them. Pretty sweet feature
  13. How did that boat change the way you sail? They were cool to watch but I personally haven't spend much time on foiling wing sail cats.
  14. She belongs in Alameda. Please send her home.
  15. Did they let someone besides Ernie give it a go before breaking out the sawzall?
  16. Ah yes. Bless their hearts. They weren't here for a long time, but they were here for a good time.
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