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  1. Are you sure? I thought Terrorist was older? Great resto, though Sweet Okole is also very well cared for-same owner for a long long time now
  2. Newport Beach is nice. Expecting 20ish Harbor 20s on the line tonight San Diego is nice but loooong transit to the racecourse from SDYC. OD action is Finns or Etchells. Mission Bay is great. Finns and Snipes. Alameda is great but the Mercs are only a few times a year, cold in winter, and the EYC pool isn't headed. And cost of living is pricey. 5.5 fleet is fun but not many boats.
  3. Yep very similar concept for boats sailing with the hull in the water (which is most of us of course) Now you're catching on.
  4. Yep. There's this thing in SF Bay called current. Foiling boat moves through the air at, say, 30. 5 knots flood as it goes upwind, 35 knots over the foils. Downwind, 25 knots over the foils.
  5. I would guess thats more an apparent boat speed thing. Hulls out of the water, going against the tide gives you more flow over the foils Flood always gives you less AWS, ebb always gives more.
  6. That traveler, the ankle breakers, and the swim ladder operate as a warning system: "Yes, I need crew and if you talk sailing words you can any job on the boat you want, but sailing with me is a nightmare and you're likely to be injured"
  7. Same Coupla J105s did a day of match racing in front of the club. The next year I got to go out on the Santana - a bunch of us put on RC foulies and went out and laid a wreath the morning of the 1st anniversary. The real RC was busy prepping for the days sailing. Was a cool ceremony
  8. Well there should be island dancers on the spreaders anyway. I thought that went without saying.
  9. def going to want a quick release to jettison each 3rd as it breaks up.
  10. Don't forget the mighty Bold Forbes Great boats This one looks kinda rough
  11. South. Shackleton's own account of the Imperial Trans Antarctic Expedition
  12. = 625 miles/year. I cant do the math, but my total must be more than that. Anybody wanna fight? Just on the interwebs, of course. I don't have to get surgery first, do I?
  13. Seemed more like a late meth run kinda mood
  14. Don't worry snaggs I forgot already. You're still an enigma here on the left coast
  15. So that was awkward Kev need anything? Try drinking some water. Maybe an aspirin?
  16. Or Maybe Because we've all seen our dock neighbors hang out on their boat and have a drink or 2 before She could Wait for it Just mind her own business and chill
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