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  1. Timex Ironman $50 at Big Five and when it dies, go pick up another. Tells time, lights up at night, has a decent start timer. You already have instruments that tell you all the other shit.
  2. Well there's one list for 26-28 foot PHRF boats and another list when the budget is $32K and there's not much overlap
  3. 32K for a Colgate 26? Why wouldn't I buy 6 J24s for that price?
  4. Thats a lot of winches to unbolt if the boats going to accidentally sink the next day
  5. well, the key in SF is that its so variable. So if the flood is ripping, reach across it to the relief as quickly as possible. If its only 2 knots, maybe kind of medium fast, unless the ebb on shore is getting fast. Also the size of the cone behind Alcatraz determines how far you want to go up to begin with. Small/no cone? Cross as soon as you can lay North Point. Has it rained/snow melted recently? Maybe the fresh water around the hull going out will mitigate the flood on the foils, regardless of what the tide book says. Sooooooo many variables on that racecourse. Thats why people keep
  6. Would you rather fight a duck the size of a horse, or 100 horses the size of ducks?
  7. Rescue swimmer and the pilot pushing their chests out. They know whats up. Crazy in the head, crazy in the bed.
  8. Good point. But I'm guessing a girl who goes with FF on that adventure, freaks to the point that a CG helo is mobilized, and an hour later is thumbs up in her new free CG suit is at least an applicant. Certainly in FF's head, anyway.
  9. Just wait till you get to the part where the new girlfriend freaks out, CG helo picks them all up, boat is lost and sinks in the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary. FF starts a new lighthearted thread on SA about it and so is now up to at least 3 threads that turned on him. But in the end they get free CG coveralls. Roll credits.
  10. Thumbs up girl must be the one that freaked out and scored them the helicopter ride and the free CG coveralls.
  11. Tijuana? No problem. There's a really nice marina right next to the bullring. A little sandy but don't worry about it
  12. This. SD fleet is great. Talk to Dorgan-you'll have a boat by the end of the call The tow out is pretty long, but the sailing is mostly around behind/sheltered by the Zuniga jetty. Get a soft mast and a big breakfast burrito and you'll be fine. To build a fleet you'd have to pry people out of established fleets. The Finn fleet in SD is still growing, so unlikely to get defectors there. I don't know much about the adult Sabot scene but I'd imagine it would be hard to get defectors there I'm 100% sure you could get set up with a loaner boat for the day the next time we can s
  13. Ah yes I forgot about the dock boxes way up on the bows. Wonder why he didn't just put them at the top of the mast? I wonder how the charter biz is going. That free spot on the beach right next to Diamond Head has got to be pretty sweet right now.
  14. Oh I don't know-from the Race Deck at the Frantic the wipeouts are pretty enjoyable too
  15. Always ready to hear about Stockton lesbians, but also factor in that slowing the boat down to go bald headed for a minute in big breeze is pretty rough on everything. The breeze and the waves want you to keep hauling ass, and just because you slow down, they keep going. Do the peel, stay on the wave, and bust out the Stockton lesbian story as soon as we get everything cleaned up.
  16. I remember Curtis talking about standing on the head patch of EF Language's spinnaker in the VOR and the view. House to the masthead, then get some slack in the halyard and climb up on top of the sail. He's a gnarly dude.
  17. Thats a lot of sawing of the galvanized halyards
  18. That's a legend, never seen in the wild. You'd have the let the halyard out soooooooo far then it would collapse as it went behind the spinnaker and go under the boat (joining the lazy sheet which would already be there)
  19. I'd think that if early 80s drug addled teenagers could be trained to put them up and take them down, then their 21st counterparts could be trained. Keep in mind-race courses were much long then. It's a lot of labor for a 1.5 mile run on a drop mark course, and makes gybes take a lot longer. But if you were running from Blackaller down to the circle it would be pretty sweet. The key is to play the halyard not the sheet. The foot should just kiss the water. You want to keep it as far from the boat as possible
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