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  1. For sale (again) @ US$150k. https://www.yachtworld.com/yacht/1992-tripp-55-7982126/ Cheers!
  2. FALSE. SENSE. OF. SECURITY. I don't enjoy tallking of this because reliving the experience is so upsetting. Many years ago I was on a club cruise, different time with lotsa families with young kids, some parents with different values than our own... 3-year old urchin with a history of mischievous and risky behaviour left onboard alone for more than a minute... Deck was surrounded from bow to stern with netting, stoutly attached top and bottom so all's fine, right? Child goes missing, panic ensues... Body recovered from bottom about amidships by police divers a
  3. Alcan made the Petrel at their Algoods subsidiary in the (now) trendy East Junction / Stirling Road area. They brokered a gig to provide boats to sailing schools and camps, hence the proliferation of the boats across the country. Alcan also diversified into the houseboat market, many different sizes built at Alloy Manuf. in Montreal. Cheers!
  4. There's a very active one design fleet of about 30 Bluenoses in Chester Nova Scotia. Most have been modified to the original cuddiless deck design, and many of the boats are well-funded by propah yachting gentlemen! http://www.chesterbluenosefleet.com/ Cheers!
  5. Anarchist basketcase knows a bit about these...
  6. Asking $US12K for a creatively mod'd J/24 in Quebec... https://www.kijiji.ca/v-voilier/laval-rive-nord/trimaran-artisanal-habitable-24-pieds/1570988602 Yowza, not sure where to start, so I've taken a few liberties in translating the ad copy for y'all: Handcrafted Trimaran J/24. Very efficient and pleasant. Very stable! 20" draft! Can dock on the beach. Road trailer worth $5k included. Fits 4 people Sails are in great condition! Carbon spin pole. Performance package. BBQ, anchor, mooring equipment, swim ladder, and much mor
  7. T sailor's sailmaker gave two reasons for the recommendation. Apparently T's looking for more. I've developed great friendships with two sailmakers and their lofts over the past 19 years and have faith in their expertise and recommendations. Sometimes they recommend an upgrade from what I was considering, and sometimes lower tech and less $$. There's always a dialogue, and a few times a bit of compromise from one of us. But I don't feel the need for any internet sleuthing. For 15 years before I found these pros I shopped around, second guessed recommendations, and was rarely totally
  8. So in other words yes, you're looking for internet opinions to verify or dispute the validity of your sailmaker's recommendation and the reasons he provided. Carry on... PS: Powerkote is a good product, preferred by some over AIRX, and not by others. Your mileage may vary... Cheers!
  9. Just listed on Quebec Kijiji, the first line says it all: "This is not a cottage boat!". W 10888 has a reasonable pedigree, having won the 2013 Worlds, NAs, and Canadians. Asking US$15k. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-voilier/longueuil-rive-sud/wayfarer-sailboat/1553165653 Cheers!
  10. Have experienced and seen problems with chutes catching on Wichard hanks both stainless and brass. Beware... Cheers!
  11. I've been using Bed-It for years to seal all sorts of deck fittings, never had an oozing problem that wasn't a one time fix, and never experienced a failure that wasn't the result of my own lack of talent: shoddy prep or too much time between deck maintenance. I'm not a skilled craftsman at boat repair like some others here, I'm more of a weekend warrior who enjoys the result more than the process. I suspect many oozing disasters are caused by using too much butyl tape. All it takes is a small sausage wrapped around each fastener, and possibly additional sausages on the underside of th
  12. OK sure, but the cockpit's not the right place to be napping anyways when racing single/short. Polyphasic sleeping works best when the nap location is a proper sea berth below that's comfortable, secure, and easily accessible. Serious setups include a Watch Commander or similar to stay in cycle. http://www.sailsafely.com/watchcommander.htm Nothing wakes you up better than the secondary siren on this puppy! Unfortunately, it's no longer in production, but there are alternatives that offer similar functionality. Cheers!
  13. My first thought too!
  14. Yes, any mid 80s and on MORC 30 design could be a suitable shorthanded platform. In general they are pretty wholesome designs, PHRFs're 130 or better, and without many vices. Sure weight on the rail helps but their sailing characteristics are still pretty good for shorthanding. Most are steered by tiller, budget for the very best autohelm you can afford + a backup... Cheers!
  15. I've always wondered what the story was behind this unfinished Wilderness 40 just west of Lock #17 in Little Falls NY on the Erie Barge Canal. Weird place for a west coast sled to end up... This pic was taken in 2006 but the boat still appears on Google Earth. Another interesting site within a mile of the boat above is this little island, where some pretty storied boats marked their passing as they headed through on their way to the Great Lakes for a Mac race or two... Cheers!
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