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  1. Mitch Booth. Missed out on AUS, Sailed for someone else
  2. Crewsaver. https://crewsaver.com/us/news/crewsaver-ergofitplus-190n-is-best-on-test-says-yachting-monthly/
  3. Q. Nice Jacket, does it come in white? Freebairn: "hold my chardonnay"
  4. Firstly, there was a Foiling Wasp, 29er and Open Bic on display in the foyer, discover sailing (yachting vic) had a booth inside as did Tiwal.nz (inflatable dinghy, very cool) There was also a main stage sailing forum including a Volvo Ocean race pro, Jessica Watson and a few others. (check the website or your program you picked up at the front door) 3rd, It all comes down to Economics. As others said it's expensive to get yachts into the show. Retailers would need to sell one of every hull you brought in just to break even, and people with the coin to be serious buyers would have n
  5. So who was the muppet that sent the keelboats on a course through PMYC's start line whilst div1 (sabots, laser 4.7s) were in sequence. Not like it couldn't have been predicted since we start at 2pm every Saturday.
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