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  1. Dreaming.................currently 13.1% fully vaccinated 17.5% one jab, the Doherty Institute already know the target number for easing restrictions, 80% of everyone over 12 years, they knew it months ago but its too unpalatable for pFizzer* Morrison. The Feds have no authority to do this, already ruled on by the Supreme Court, but in the unlikely case of a reversal WA have contingency plans in place to fall back to the No 1 Rabbit Proof Fence. * the “p” in pFizzer is for “Pinnocchio”.
  2. Another day another presser, pound for pound Gladys is one of the country's most accomplished bullshitters, easily on a par with Pfizzer Morrison but without the pronounced underbite when flummoxed. The signature style bobbing head, sing song delivery and upward inflection at the end of every sentence is her trademark. The deflection of every question with "I always follow the best health advice" now rote, but an ominous sign for Dr Chant, I sense a widening gulf over the soft lockdown and "Sydney-siders can be trusted to do the right thing" not cutting the mustard these days. Beware
  3. Another display of the arrogance that got them here, learnt nothing since the Ruby Princess. Thank the Lord for the Nullabor.
  4. It will be a lively national cabinet today, Pfizzer Morrison will have his work cut out defending the Gold Standard, but maybe now him and Gladys are entertaining a suspicion that the virus and vaccines do not respond well to bullshit.
  5. Without exception, all of the other State and Territory leaders speak with authority, no cajoling wheedling rhetoric, and their backup teams exude competence. The drop in rank from Gold Standard to drover's dog has them rattled, Health Hazzard is unfit for his position.
  6. The BBC shipping forecast is more interesting than listening to the Gladys pressers and Morrison's vaccine fairytales, plus the content is factual too.
  7. Gladys would be more believable if her presser was held at the 4 Seasons Landscaping yard. I have a sneaking suspicion that Dr Chant recommended tougher lockdowns right from the start last year but has been over ruled by Gladys. She now is in the position of Fauci and Birx under Trump, having to suffer the bullshit against her better judgement.
  8. Morrison has been drinking his own bathwater again. In answer to a question on the slow vaccine delivery “I will be taking advice from General Whatshisname on that matter”. And; “The mixed messaging of ATAGI must shoulder responsibility for this”. What a contemptible wretch of a person he is.
  9. Gladys “does not deal in hypotheticals” when asked about shutting non-essential businesses, Sydney shoppers rejoice. Health Hazzard breaks his “let'er rip” silence with another bobby dazzler “you are being betrayed by Fairfield”. PM baffled over this headline "Gladys calls on yuppies who ruined Sydney to keep snitching on old Greek blokes playing cards", asks where Beetoota is.
  10. More words of praise for the previous administration........... “We were — not only as a country, but as a world – let down and openly neglected, misinformed. We had truth and reason assaulted under what was in all terms an obscene administration.” Earlier this year Penn, who has always made his contempt for Trump evident, described him as “a man who all would concede is guilty of negligent homicide on a grand scale.” https://www.theguardian.com/film/2021/jul/11/openly-neglected-by-an-obscene-administration-sean-penn-criticises-trumps-handling-of-pandemic
  11. Gladys is no dummy, this lockdown is still open for business.
  12. Gladys is no mug Bob, three weeks in and it may be dawning on her that talking big is making no impression on the virus. She is probably working up the courage to institute a Gold Standard lockdown as we speak, except maybe for the big retailers and the shops in Bondi and some other things. I note Health Hazzard is not saying much these days.
  13. Call that a lockdown ? If they were fair dinkum they would do more than “strongly recommend” their weak regulations, instead, the problem is being deflected from the eastern suburbs, who never took the virus seriously anyway, to “those people” who live “over there” in the western suburbs. A late, half-hearted and ineffective attempt, the Clayton's lockdown. Health Minister “Hap” Hazzard is a real inspiration, by name and nature. Where's Wally ?...............Hawaii ?
  14. Edit: Plenty evidence against him, up there with the Civil War toll now...............the charge "Negligent Homicide", him and Bolsinaro both.
  15. Plenty evidence against him, up there with the Civil War toll now............... 1 USA 34,543,456 +13,537 620,228 +230 and the party faithful anti-vaxxers doggedly maintaining an average 11000+ infections and 300+ deaths/day.
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