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  1. I think you'll find that wherever it is that Anne is registered (have forgotten which island it is and can't be bothered to check back) only vessels owned by a citizen or an island company can be on the shipping registry. It follows that CHS Ltd will be registered on whatever island it is and the chances of Reid or any of his friends being a director is about zilch.
  2. Sure, you can spin anything if you try hard enough. http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=66451
  3. I'm just the messenger. Maybe you could drop round there??
  4. Sorry, no conspiracy. I rang MetOceans. They had a big snowstorm that caused a power outage and, when that happens, the system goes into "storm mode" and not all data is recorded. At first they assumed MET 595 "silence" was down to that, but as all other units are back up they are now looking for a fault. As of yesterday, they hadn't been able to contact the unit, but have been informed (not directly) that it is still storing messages, so is working. They are now trying to ascertain whether the antenna is still up and all connections are good.
  5. If it is registered in Anguilla it would have to be in the name of a company, as I don't think he fulfills any of the requirements that allow individuals to register boats there. Cost of setting up a company is around $1500, yearly running costs around $750. Boat registration (good for 5 years) costs $372 + small yearly fee. Boat needs survey by approved organisation before it can be registered!!!! Would it have passed?
  6. Why don't you go check out the Francis Joyon thread on Ocean Anarchy?
  7. Don't follow, expain but don't expect a kwik response, way past bedtime here!
  8. Fine! I asked Metoceans to provide evidence that their tracking device was correctly reporting Anne's position, by providing a pic of the GPS readout at the time. That happens and you say the proximity of the GPS report and MET595 report are "suspicious". What would you have said if they had been way apart?
  9. I didn't call MRCC Capetown; we only call any MRCC when there is a current and ongoing incident that we need facts on; ie. we work on the principle that they have enough to do, without answering questions that don't relate to an emergency. I did, however, make a low key call to someone in Capetown, that I'm on chatting terms with and who has very good reasons to maintain excellent contact with MRCC there. It seems someone did call them, regarding Anne, but as it was clear that the vessel had EPIRBs and none had been activated, they could see no reason to take any action. Incidentally, there's
  10. Several times a day, I check out http://www.trimaran-idec.com/ Yesterday, the winds according to Joyon's site indicated that Anne was situated in very light and very variable winds, literally going through all points of the compass; so I asked myself why isn't Anne doing that this time when it has followed the wind before? That led to the thought that it might be motoring??? Maybe heading for Madagascar, coz Sonja has been ill enough to have had enough and wants to be put ashore? More thoughts followed. Could it be that the recent absence of stuff on the website, followed by that stange alba
  11. OK, I'll make a bargain with you lot - I'll stop using logic if y'all (is that the right expression?) will stop calling me MariOn! In the proper English speaking world, MariOns are asexual, MariAns are definitely female!
  12. Of course I will, I specifically asked Metocean to get the pic taken at the same time as the tracker was sending its signal. I'm going to call Furuno as well and question them about the time, but I can't contact either until Monday, at least not without using a mobile number and I don't do that weekends unless I HAVE to. I must say that I really don't expect either company to come up with anything that indicates they are anywhere other than where they are supposed to be and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they have decided to give up and head for Madagascar. Whatever their motives f
  13. Come on!! I asked Metocean to get Reid to send them a picture showing the GPS on Anne. Metocean will know what time it was sent and, if his lot had photo shopped it they would know that too!
  14. Nah, don't go in for conspiracy theories unless I can see some gain, but I do believe Metocean when they say someone tried to hack the tracker. Why should they make it up; why even tell me about it if they wanted to hide something?
  15. Someone tried to hack one of the metocean units somewhere between days 60 & 80 (guy couldn't remember). They were talked through temporarily setting up the back up unit and both read the same. Additional filters were then set up to prevent further attempts.
  16. Does this thing have an engine? Just wondering about that non-meandering track. Madagascar could be a nice place to stay a while if that last blow caused some damage?
  17. I really can’t figure out why this couple has attracted all this interest. Apart from the fact that they don’t want to stop, what’s the big difference between them and a host of others who decide to drop out and go around the world in a boat. You see them in loads of ports scrounging bits and pieces as they “prepare” for the big adventure. As to the scam? What scam? What are they going to get out of this? Who is going to publish a book about them and if they did what would the royalties be? I reckon the biggest story to come out of the saga is this mammouth SA thread. Sure they got som
  18. I was taking posts on this thread pretty seriously and was about to contact MetOceans with certain queries. (A regular poster can confirm that, if he wishes to do so.) I decided against that, because your suggestion that Ellen MacArthur is anywhere near where you suggest is as ludicrous as anything that might have come from their side.
  19. Good idea, only snag is a DoG fight seems most likely so he won't be back in time! On the other hand, given Weedy's ability to influence the weather .....................
  20. Anyone feel like plotting how close Joyon will get to Anne? At 10.40 UTC he was at 37°06 7°38 heading 131 at about 24 knots.
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