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  1. dude - you posted that same topic like 7 times!

  2. You could always go for a double strap set-up as opposed to a single to bypass attaching the strap to the centerline of the carriage. Any more pictures of how things are coming? TC
  3. A laser plug is the perfect thing. It's quick, it's easy, and it fits perfectly. Also, in the event that you do get some water in the seat, if your sneaky you can actually drain the seat out while on the water. I have done this when I've left my plug out on the way to the race course. Its very convenient. In other news, Nationals are going to be held at Bristol Yacht Club the weekend of July 12th. Hope to see lots of people there. In my excitement I accidentally added it to the calendar twice and cant remove the second one because we do not actually have the technology to remove events. S
  4. How big is that rudder? TC
  5. Willy: Sweet job on it!!! I dissected mine and loved every piece of it. Damn good work on your part and congratulations for finally tying it all together. Nice job to all those that contributed, each piece was definitely informative and I learned much for from reading it. Thanks again. TC
  6. Looks really good. One question to suit my mass confusion, it looks like the raked section of the bow is on the lower half of the knuckle, but in the other picture it's on the upper half... TC
  7. I agree with the fact that they are too close to the waterline. I may not be positioning my weight correctly upwind but I have noticed as soon as there's enough wind for chop, the boat goes through the waves with much of the wave going over the bow. If they spray rails were a bit higher, wouldn't it keep the boat from submerging the bow under the wave, therefore reducing much of the wetted surface that a boat would experience upwind? My arguments against it: It would lead to more weight in the bow. Also, there is currently more to be gained in terms of downwind speed than upwind speed. Ra
  8. I tried it on the canoe forum but I figured I'd get more hits here... What do people think about using bow strakes/spray rails?
  9. Right on, thanks for the correction. TC
  10. Bummer...if I can still get the funds needed by fall/winter, hopefully I will still be able to work on a ply DC. While I think that it is a serious damper that the rule change wasn't passed, I think this thread and the people in it have the possibility to do wonders with the boats and promoting them enough to get new faces in the class. TC
  11. That's great news! Hopefully some of the AC guys decide to get involved with the development boats. TC
  12. Ok, I'll stop by his house today and let him know, next Saturday works better for me as well so I'll see you then! TC
  13. Alright, sounds good. I might come up this Saturday with Mike to pick the boat up with him, so we could probably talk about it more in depth then. Thanks. TC
  14. Quick Hijack: Steve, did you get my PM about the possible need for reinforcing? As you were... TC
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