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  1. nige


    What would make you think it doesn’t use GPS for time and distance to the line?
  2. Yep, that’s the zero friction theory. I’ve seen things behave slightly differently in practice on various boats at different sheeting angles and sheet loads etc. i’ll definitely rig it up and give it a go though, thx! (As well as running a tail to the mast base, stropped to keep the sheeting angle of the tail more downward)
  3. I don’t think the foot tension concerns me at all, the current sheeting angle works perfectly for the main, it’s just not rapidly trimmable. sounds like you need a slightly longer foot or being the track/mainsheet base forward a little? my only concern with foot tension is IF I bring a tail of the purchase forward to the mast from the clew. It may be possible to counter that with a block on a strop from the car, ensuring the initial angle is more downward. Other than that the foot and leech tension are fine….
  4. Yeah, I'm at the minimum amount of mainsheet im comfortable with, the excessive line is just one of the annoyances, but for sure my boat wont have as much as others, with a 6:1 and minimum length. 12:1 does't cut it though, I've already played with a 2:1 fine tune on the 6:1 and although you can do more with it, its not "trimable" powered up. I dont think the 25c main is smaller than the 27, the farrier docs show the 25c main as a little larger so I'm sure its in the ball park. I think the boomless mains are higher load upwind though as you are pulling aft and down, you
  5. Yeah, I work with Randy for my sails and will be chatting to him about it too
  6. Thanks, I've changed to a spinlock and prefer it. Id be ok without a fine tune and lots of line if the other issues were also solved, but even 10:1 would be a struggle to trim it properly in any breeze....
  7. thanks - maybe, or half a wish bone like an A cat. At that point though I'd maybe better putting a boom on and sheeting inside it
  8. Yeah, that makes sense, I have seen similar things on the M32's, which isn't feasible on the Farriers with the whole big middle hull thing getting in the way. I've thought about ways to alter the cockpit but that would be drastic (doing it anyway, for other reasons) and still not have enough play. Yes, the foot tension issue is #1 on my list of concerns with trying the line to the mast base thing, but I was hoping with 5 other legs of the sheeting system pulling down and a little back and just one pulling forward, that it may still work. If I was confident, I would have done it already
  9. Love multihulls. Hate multihull mainsheet systems, in general and on the F-25c in particular. They are generally clunky, hard to uncleat or get enough power on, they are ergonomically terrible while trimming (cleating angles) and the cleats on the "floating" bottom blocks are just so frikin unsatisfying. Had to vent, some or all of that applies to various systems and may or may not be exaggerated. I want to find a better mainsheet system for my F-25C. I loved the in boom fine tune allowing responsive boom sheeting on my F-32R but don't have the option here. Before I wast
  10. nige


    This is a great update, thanks! I'd love to be able to add GPS coordinates and time(clock/time of day) as widgets. Any chance they are in the works? (I'm distance racing a 26' Tri, so a different use case than a dinghy)
  11. nige


    Looks like the updated app released last night. (V1.4). I just updated it and connected but don’t see a firmware update to go with it? (I’m on 0.5.8-stable) is there a firmware release happening after or am I being dumb? the layout builder option shows but says it needs an update, but i don’t see a firmware update to go to?
  12. nige


    Do you think it will be available to update before Friday? I have a distance race I would LOVE to be able have different data displaying on. Just trying to set expectations on whether to get excited!
  13. Perfect, thanks for the reply. "I have a friend/neighbor with EZ Dock. It works well too, but slightly harder to handle as the individual units are larger." That is exactly where my thoughts were going on EZ dock, compared to the cubes. Will check out Jet float/jet dock too, thanks!
  14. Hey - just wondering if anyone has had experience with Dock Blocks or EZ Docks? I run the local sailing foundation and we run kids classes out of a sheltered pond as one of our locations. The dock we have is old and crap, we need something new and these look ideal, removable, easy to handle, low/no maintenance and the price is right compared to a traditional dock and ramp etc. There are plenty of videos online so I am fairly confident in both, but before our foundation spends a bunch of cash on one of the solutions (leaning toward dock blocks because the individual pieces a
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