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  1. I think they still have a few in their pocket as they are keeping a cadence on the info/marketing but I'm not sure... Definitely less than it was looking like when they first announced it, but more races have opened up when it looked like they'd stay shut down so I'm not surprised!
  2. I think they are announcing the entries under some cadence that suits them (keeping the social media drip going?). We signed up early and I know of a number of others who aren't announced....
  3. @MisterMoon they are not calibrated paddle wheel measurements but having done many thousands of miles a year on the boat they do paint the right picture. Number of hulls, hull design, fancy foils etc are all contributing factors but the main one by far is weight/displacement. 27&5 is what we get when the boat is fresh back in the water with a clean bottom and minimal gear on board. Typical running is a baseline of 26kts and 5mpg, if that is off I start checking things out. Less stuff gets better numbers, more stuff and a dirty bottom brings them down. You could build a super lig
  4. I've found its definitely an effective way to blow cash I feel like I'm diverting the thread but at least Brandon/Turn Point design is the link. We've been back and forth with a number of people/plans on making it more available over the last five or six years but it keeps fading to the background again. There are some deep conversations going on right now though with some interesting developments so maybe it will go somewhere soon... Totoro is 24ft long, 8.5 wide, on the water, ready to go displacement of about 1800lbs with twin 40's. It was a relatively low strip plank foam
  5. I'd love that. I feel like I've gone to the dark side by putting 40's on Totoro (well, that and what we had to do to the sterns to keep them floating) but its SO nice cruise at speed with some to play with when necessary. 1st world problems
  6. Is your new run about on the water Russel?
  7. 22kts was the cruising/max speed - which were basically one and the same thing when you run with a 20hp. (I'm not very patient ). It would be really fun to play with a boat like that and burn some money playing with different foil setups to really see what you can do with a 20, we never iterated that setup. I really miss that boat but yes, I'm the same way, the cat/mini van is such a good platform for so many more things, especially winter commuting around the islands. (Obviously being a brat, I want both)
  8. Well I feel the need to apologize for that jumble of text, I am clearly a bad multi tasker, that could have been a lot clearer : (
  9. Having been the owner of both the original green tri linked to above (and shown in the video below) and this cat (Totoro), for me they are both great but have different uses. The tri that started the thread was a conversation that started between the owner/builder and Brandon @ Turn point design after we launched and played with the green tri. Think of the cat as a hybrid mini van. Pretty efficient, super comfortable and practical for lugging gear and kids around. Think of the tri more like a motorbike. Ridiculously efficient, really fun and smooth. This new one is a newer,
  10. nige


    Is that how the prostart backlight actually looks or an effect of the camera? (with low contrast between the background and the digits, the black looking pretty red too).
  11. nige


    The backlight was perfect on an overnight race in September, I hadn't used the backlight since. I was planning to reaching out to them tomorrow about it though, which will give me some insight on how they are doing... (I do have an affinity for swedish fish, maybe they were in my pocket together )
  12. nige


    I think i said that about the pro start... the ask was compared to the Max and it was the reason I didn't buy a max... My red sharpie is working out pretty well.. They figured out how to make the red LEDs turn on, just on a fringe branch firmware release. Its is a perfect example of the frustration and the reason for some hope with fresh people. I understand the negative comments but don't really care about beating new blood up on the company's past, if they get things in the right direction I'll be happy as its a great device. If they don't, I'll buy something else....
  13. nige


    The backlight was the ultimate decision for me. (I think the pro start has this now but the max doesn’t)
  14. nige


    I think a good cadence of (mostly) transparent information/news/press releases would go a long way too. The long silences don't do much for confidence. thx!
  15. nige


    I think that is pretty much so. Not sure they are working out of their basement. Maybe they are living out of their office/shop though ;) it’s all a bit odd, I’ve had awesome response and customer service but it appears to be luck of the draw/very sporadic. like I’ve said to a few people, I love mine and I’m glad I have it, I can’t really recommend anyone else buy one if they care about a grand....
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