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  1. Last time I was aboard Vigilant, it was pretty depressing. Keep in mind, the interiors were always “industrial training vessel” in fit and finish so takes a buncH of TLC to put into Bristol condition. Not the forte of an MWR sailing club.
  2. Yep. heard this before. We bought the latest and greatest “golden medallion home” to “live better electrically” in the early 60’s. Between nuclear power and hydro from things like the Tennessee Valley Authority, electricity was going to be so cheap, you would not meter it and only pay a small distribution fee. https://www.smecc.org/live_better_electrically_medallion_home.htm
  3. Not many folks use scanners in or out anymore. Even the medical folks are slowly understanding that a digital scanner is just emailing a file. Use an iPhone “notes” to scan to pdf from a hard copy. Print to pdf file for anything on your computer. Seems anyone who wants me to send them a scanned copy is still using a landline that won’t play nicely with a VOIP phone anyway.
  4. By the time you unwind the holding companies, the flags of convenience and other organizations set up to protect the owners from liability, did Evergreen ever actually exist? Had an uncle in the construction business in central Florida. He had multiple companies holding assets that leased them to other companies who were hired by project specific corporations that executed the project. All set up so that a sinkhole 10 years after the development was completed had no legal entity around to sue if and when a street caved in.
  5. Exactly. I needed extensive treatment and surgery from a specialty cancer center in Manhattan. Insurance covered it all without an issue. Except for travel there, a place to stay for me and family, restaurant meals, etc. “hospital rate” hotel rooms in midtown ran $250-350/night and didn’t qualify as medical expenses, etc. The hospital does what it can to help find affordable accommodations but that is not much in Manhattan. Add in SWMBO taking Family Leave time off without pay for a lot of it. Our employers did set us up for mostly remote work and that helped. I’m told some of my “emails whi
  6. My experience is that the pros generally won’t give advice to homeowners on gas fittings. Something about liability. RV place might help. Getting a low pressure propane QD and shutoff from a BBQ store or Amazon is easy. An adapter to connect it to the NPT nipple is a bit harder. You propane supplier may help. One challenge is a lot of “permanent installation” BBQs are plumbed for NG and although not massively dangerous, mixing the two opens you up for mistakes. I’ll suggest that your setup sounds like mine and hiring a pro to make the connection, perform the leak down test and sign off a
  7. Thanks Boomer. As a lot of us know, even with great insurance, there are a million costs that are not covered, from commuting and parking to cafeteria meals for family and caregivers at the hospital. I urge the community to generously support Hobot in this time of need.
  8. Thanks Boomer. Good news. Tell him we eagerly await his return.
  9. GMD I always like your enthusiasm, but that is a subset of criminal activity. I am too lazy to look up result for all criminal activity. BTW multiple shooting are common in Philly especially recently. Friday 7 were shot outside a club. That probably was not reported nationwide because no one died. I was backup and got called in. Really getting crazy here This. don’t really want to go down this path but despite the horror, mass killings are a very small percentage of gun deaths. If you want to really parse the data, mass shootings (depending on whose definition you use) are an a
  10. I know the pit wall told Max that Ham was ignoring limits at turn 4 so he should as well. A few laps later, ham got a warning that he was going to get a black and white the next time around and a penalty after that. His response was “there are no limits on turn 4”. If you can ignore the limits until there is a “significant advantage”, then why call them limits at all? How many times does it take saving 0.05 sec per lap before it becomes significant? Either have limits or don’t.
  11. It's OK to exceed course limits at turn 4 until its not.
  12. AIM 54 Phoenix had the potential to take out the firing aircraft when fired in a long range mode. Flight path of the missile in the extreme range mode was to go out in front of the firing aircraft and then climb to high altitude, cruise there and then descend to the intercept point. If the Firing aircraft continued to the “merge” at hig speed, it could arrive before the missile did. Don’t believe it ever actually happens, but the physics would allow it to happen. Similarly, the advent of high off bore site millions meant locking the seeker of the missile onto the target before launch
  13. They have written off this year already to spend what they can on 2022. If the new budget caps don’t help them play harder in 22, I expect they will be out by 2024.
  14. To me it’s a bit like Hobby Lobby. Folks are welcome to their religion and if that includes closing on Sunday’s, limits on what they carry in inventory, etc. that’s fine. When they start imposing their views on employees, I’m out. I’ll respect their views but expect them to respect others views as well.
  15. Tough for Perez. Knew he screwed the early fast lap so stayed with the mediums and then got surprised by the red cars. As you say, the curse of the #2. Both AlphaTauri looking pretty racy this season and Alonso top 10 already but looked pretty casual.
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