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  1. Based on the shadow cast on the street I can say with some confidence that an accomplice was involved somehow.
  2. Gotta disagree on this one... the pilsner is better. Personal tastes and all that. And the darker (dry hopped) version has that yeasty stuff in the bottom, so you have to pour into a glass to drink. Reminded me of the few home brew batches I attempted 15+ years ago. I've tried dozens of NA beers since giving up on alcohol many years ago. And the Clausthaler is hands down my favorite. Best to buy at Trader Joes at $6.99 Tried the Heineken and had to throw it out. Possibly the worst of the bunch. Some local (to me) micro-brewers are making NA beers now, and that is pret
  3. Scuttlebutt is that the chip shortage is BS. Its the chip style that the cars use that is out of date, and the manufacturers of the chips just want to do the modern, i.e. no more legacy chips. Apparently when the auto industry put all orders on hold 2020, the chip manufacturing sector re-tooled. I got this tidbit from a dubious source, so YMMV
  4. Ahhh... such a feeling of satisfaction. I 100% agree. And then there is fire. While equally satisfying it is sooo slow, makes a mess and is frowned upon by neighbors in close proximity with their windows open in the summer.
  5. Root balls can be stubborn. At least you didn't try a rope on the trailer ball and drive away at speed. Those fail videos are hilarious.
  6. That was fun to watch live. Well done I say. Its great to see progress in space.
  7. 17 - 0 in a high school soccer game. When really the point for the coach and a star player was some personal record for most goals scored during a game. NQR in my opinion. Coach and player should get a timeout for this. https://apnews.com/article/soccer-oddities-sports-michigan-high-school-soccer-77678664cb5f619ed37fdee1c1935630 Sure, sure... "life is hard", "get over it", and "its just a game" Winning teams coach needs to do some soul searching.
  8. I wonder if all the Massholes of Boston are involved somehow?
  9. @dacapo Getting the smell out is always a problem... Best of success. Don't lift it. People will say it rides "ok" on the freeway, but it never does.
  10. How has our own Mr. Clean been doing these days? Is he still grumbling about Dodge products and reminiscing about Isuzu Rodeos?
  11. You are all a bunch of tools. While you may all know a lot about tools, tools nonetheless.
  12. When is route 6 on Cape Cod ever not heavy traffic. Wintertime in a snowstorm perhaps at 3 AM?
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