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  1. Is that because it is a 2wd Silverado? I didn’t see a chick in the photos. Perhaps I should zoom in a bit. Well done capturing the event. Did the backhoe get called?
  2. His foot, yes... but his butt is about to go through a window.
  3. If it is just floating around, why does the owner not just have seatow, or whatever simply drag it off to an appropriate place? Oh right... Money.
  4. I wonder why they gave up on the water sprinkler to hose off the landing pad. Though it wasn't really near the flames, it seemed to be cooling the pad somewhat.
  5. Neigh a clomp shortage either. I'd wager it's a shoe in for 4 wheel magazines wagon of the year award. Butt that's a tail for another day
  6. I got a chuckle over this story. I could totally see grandpa taking care of a problem this way. Problem solved! https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-56978344
  7. I hear that Mackenzie and Melinda may be an item? Or was it Bill and... Oh never mind. The level of complexity to this divorce is hard to grasp. I wonder if they can simply divide all land holdings by something like the equator. Or the Mississippi.
  8. Ah... But how many of you sorry lot can say they have one of the original SA Yacht Club burgees?
  9. Have it delivered to Pt. Roberts. Might that be easier?
  10. Can @SloopJonB grab it and stick some JB weld on the bottom for the new SA flagship? Can't be all that hard. If the owner couldn't figure out how to (or want to) refloat the boat, yet Mother Nature did so unassisted, I am sure the hole is fixable
  11. Windward


    Ahh... wishes can be twisted in many ways to go all wrong. Woodie could get himself a pair of cougars, and even if the genie got the correct species, they could make him miserable. Easily. Booth could get that Mercedes, and then hate having to babysit the thing. Snaggs could learn how to spell, and that would ruin the space time continuum. Wofsey could get the brakes fixed on his Ford/Mazda whatever car, and it gets taco'd by a tree. The list is endless here on SA... And it can all end badly. Best to wish for something nice for someone else. In a good way.
  12. Oh wow... @Sail4beer, you were way too close to that event. How did you find out that he was out of jail?
  13. Do you have a link to this? A google search for his name did not show a result.
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