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  1. ^^^ The value accrues to the insurance company who may now claim (based on physical evidence), their insured has nothing to do with the failure!
  2. ^^^ Evergreen made the same impression on me. I spent house down below on her after she won the Canada's Cup in 1978. I was 14. What ever happened to Evergreen is one of the greatest mysteries around here that no one seems to be able to answer.
  3. Hot Flash before the hull bumping and red paint job! If that boat could talk...
  4. Peit Hein was a Choate 40 I'm pretty sure. It was owned by Case DeLang's dad (forgot his name). There was another one in Detroit for a summer in 1980 called "Carnivorous". It was a Tim Woodhouse special fitted out at the old Hood loft (Sails By Watts at the time?) Very cool looking boat with a gray paint job. Very "stealth". Same year that the NM 36 "Rush" appeared on the scene. That boat blew everything away in Chi and BYC macs.
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