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  1. Roy, I'm in Safety Bay, WA, and getting ready to hit the water with a 49er I have just refurbed. Pm me and I can pass on my learnings
  2. Was that the one in bunbury, the dudly Dix?
  3. So, it seems that the new Australian Sailing Special Regulations do not now mandate a HF/MF transceiver, and allow a Sat phone as an option. Good news for the wallet.
  4. Yeah, am keen to learn more about said clipping also. But very good to know that AS are reviewing this issue as the requirement does seem outdated.
  5. That's interesting, and makes good sense considering the advantages over ssb. From what I can see, Australian Sailing still mandates a permanently installed HF transceiver for Cat 2.
  6. thanks for your comments all but fuck me - if i could have my time again, i'd get in to MF/HF sales!! i'm open on budget to an extent. but downunder i was really struggling to find a brand other than icom. i have sat phone but passively looking around for a M/HF solution for cat 2/1. given what i have seen i'm thinking it might be easier to set up an amateur porn site for a few weeks, buy an Icom solution and be done with it.
  7. Looking around in Australia. What is available other than icom?
  8. nice example of some Youngs going in NZ: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/listing/2883281548?bof=ES6W0CtI - (centre stage crapper!) https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/listing/2632158193?bof=W5Fyx42W
  9. yeah, keen to see some pics also - still pondering my setup
  10. Carcrash - think I'm gonna run a palegic under deck ram with pypilot (using a pi zero W to start with, but might grunt this up with a pi-4), and see how that goes. Would be interested to see how your config goes.
  11. All good info - has anyone here tried PyPilot? https://pypilot.org/
  12. hmm - so would i be correct in thinking that with these above cockpit tiller-pilots they would be ok for use for just taxiing purposes without sail up - ie. while you were mooring up, and in the process of hoisting main etc? (my boat is in-keeping with the 1D35) but otherwise have limitations depending on load
  13. VDM - how does that TP-10 handle off-wind with main/jib up? use much juice?
  14. i'm still looking into this does anyone have an opinion about the simrad Tp32 versus the Raymarine ST2000? Cheers D
  15. We had our wedding scheduled for early April - had 20-30 people coming from kiwi land - Jacinda, sorted that out first with isolation on the return, then ScoMo trumped that with isolation this side when incoming ... we pulled the pin on the reception, but decided to still go ahead with the ceremony as our local guests were still keen - fuck the Rona then the other night that all got canned - now we are at 5 people funny thing is that from the outset, we always joked about having something small and intimate - we've now got that sorted! but, ... fuck the Rona, were still goi
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