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  1. Met Luiz at the Detroit NOODs around 20yrs ago. As Sail Fleet captain of the BCYC, the conversations we had will never be forgotten... Bringing in yacht scoring into our program made an everlasting impact on our events and I like to think it gave confidence to our beer can racers to enter other regattas as well. Chatted with him at Ugotta this year and man... I'm having flash backs of having beers with the wingnuts crew before the '11 Mac. Thank you, Luiz and your time you shared will live with me forever. Fair winds.
  2. Living waaaay down upon a Suwanee River, you must not think it is important to read the study that everyone is talking about.... and just go off of media consumption and "Trump is a liar" mantra…. Let's just hope one day you'll understand that it is wise to read the source of the information, not the opinions of the source.
  3. Read the study. your list of excuses don't apply. Puerto Rico's disaster plan was outdated to the tune of only being ready for a cat 1 hurricane. Being governed by a liberal... you'd think public safety would have been a top priority. (that and the fact they are geologically located in a hurricane highway)
  4. So the Jones Act prevented Puerto Rico's government from having a competent disaster relief plan? it prevented the Government from having a proper death certification program? Did you read the study? It's pretty harsh on the Puerto Rico government planning and backs up FEMA's position on the relief efforts.
  5. I'm not sure how the Jones act applies the lack of planning by the Puerto Rico government... but please continue.
  6. The actual 'study'. It's apparent that most of you have NOT read it. I suggest you do. Facts are... (according to the report) Puerto Rico's government fail at: Death certificate procedures (which explains the FEMA funeral issues), Severely outdated emergency plans or lack there of, and had a poor infrastructure to begin with. To use the federal response as a political sword is sickening. To use an estimated number as ACTUAL and then call the POTUS a liar for saying the number is lower is... well... using deaths for political gain. Fact is, Puerto Rico's gover
  7. 708): We saw some woman wearing leather pants. It was weird. We have decided to follow her on her travels to see where people go in leather pants in Michigan.
  8. (510): he said he didn't have a condom. (415): and you said? (510): that that's fine cause i was ready to be a mom. yeah - he magically had a condom he forgot about after that. (214): Sex on bubble wrap = best decision ever. (215): i got kicked out of Barns and Nobles cuz i put all the bibles in the fiction section
  9. (909): I thought it was weird that her dad told me to finish and get out after he walked in on us. I like him
  10. (314): So I went on a date with this girl...and whos our waitress? My girlfriend got a second job she didn't tell me about to afford my bday present. 617): dude we were spooning naked in bed with her ass in my crotch. she sharted in her sleep all over my dick. (902): and then I told her I was too drunk. She started to cry, and told me this always happens to her and that she thinks shes ugly. I pretended I was asleep and then she farted. (619): just caught grandpa beating off in the living room (281): had no condoms so I just made do with an empty doritos bag.
  11. (818): question: does your pee smell like mojitos at all? (719): then she came back into the room with a neckbrace on. i thought she was getting ready for the pounding of a lifetime.
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