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  1. Living waaaay down upon a Suwanee River, you must not think it is important to read the study that everyone is talking about.... and just go off of media consumption and "Trump is a liar" mantra…. Let's just hope one day you'll understand that it is wise to read the source of the information, not the opinions of the source.
  2. Read the study. your list of excuses don't apply. Puerto Rico's disaster plan was outdated to the tune of only being ready for a cat 1 hurricane. Being governed by a liberal... you'd think public safety would have been a top priority. (that and the fact they are geologically located in a hurricane highway)
  3. So the Jones Act prevented Puerto Rico's government from having a competent disaster relief plan? it prevented the Government from having a proper death certification program? Did you read the study? It's pretty harsh on the Puerto Rico government planning and backs up FEMA's position on the relief efforts.
  4. I'm not sure how the Jones act applies the lack of planning by the Puerto Rico government... but please continue.
  5. The actual 'study'. It's apparent that most of you have NOT read it. I suggest you do. Facts are... (according to the report) Puerto Rico's government fail at: Death certificate procedures (which explains the FEMA funeral issues), Severely outdated emergency plans or lack there of, and had a poor infrastructure to begin with. To use the federal response as a political sword is sickening. To use an estimated number as ACTUAL and then call the POTUS a liar for saying the number is lower is... well... using deaths for political gain. Fact is, Puerto Rico's gover
  6. If the women withdrew their complaints... why would I judge him any different?
  7. Don't see any reason for Trump to step down... I've already said Moore belongs in a cell with weiner.
  8. wasn't meant as a pile on... just answering your question.
  9. 'Most people are just hearing about the forced kiss and then the picture at the end,' Tweeden said, 'but it was – you know, it was the humiliation through the two weeks of the tour that people don't hear about. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5092825/Al-Franken-accuser-Grope-photo-face-insult.html#ixzz4yiij9EU3 Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  10. lol... one is a fishing story told between two men. The other is a person who used their stature and took advantage of a woman (probably based on her profession) and once denied; belittled her for a week or longer and finished it off with a demeaning photograph. Not sure how that would be hypocritical.
  11. "hardly" What ever makes you feel better about minimizing sexual assault and comparing it to poor choice of conversation between two men.
  12. Pretty sick that a recorded private conversation between two men is being used as deflection from how an active senator treated a model before he was a senator.
  13. I was serious... I applaud and respect straight forward admittance. Guys harass each other all the time.... we all have a little jock in us and we all make mistakes when assuming whether its a joke or harassment. Verifying that Al doesn't have a history of script writing/exploitation of women would go a long way. Did he assume that since she was a model that that type of behavior was acceptable? did he act because he wanted to look cool in front of soldiers (real men)? Who knows... Louis CK was up front and straight forward... and it seems the heat is off of him.
  14. yes, let's throw out due process.
  15. http://www.kimt.com/content/news/Woman-accuses-Al-Franken-of-groping-her-458001163.html Classy. Take him up on the ethics investigation... if there is a pattern of that type of behavior, then boot him.
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