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  1. One issue with Ockam is that the NMEA sentences don't include a checksum

    Most of the WiFi adapters won't pass the sentences through without a checksum. Yakker, DMK, and quark-elec all need a checksum

    I'm using an Actisense NGW-1 as a bridge to the NMEA 2000. It will translate sentences without a checksum but I don't think they make a NMEA 0183 WiFi gateway


  2. We don't have a NMEA tap in our system so I'm just assuming the NMEA output is in the same format as the outputs from the RS-232 or GPS modules 

    The problem may be that Ockam outputs NMEA sentences without a checksum. Without a checksum many devices will see the data as invalid and ignore it

    I know the Quark-elec A032 will not work without the checksum. I've also tried using a Yakker and DMK box for WiFi. Those didn't work either

    The Actisense NGW-1-ISO will work without the checksum. I used one of those to setup a NMEA 2000 backbone. Right now all we have on the N2K side is three Garmin displays at the mast, the AIS transponder, and the A032 for WiFi. There are better N2K WiFi gateways out there

    I've found this cable to be very helpful for troubleshooting and programming various components:

    USB-RS232 Converter Cable

    The Actisense NMEA reader is free and works really well 

  3. I just want to update this for anyone else who runs across this in the future

    The Quark-elec A032 will not work with Ockam. I doubt anything else they make will connect either. Even though they state that the device is "Compatible with all NMEA 0183 versions without configuring" it will not

    The problem is the lack of a checksum. Data coming out of the Ockams doesn't always have a checksum. The data passed through from the GPS does but data from other sensors does not. Without a valid checksum the Quark-elec A032 invalidates it and will not pass the sentence through. There is no way to change the firmware to make it possible either

    What I did find to work is an Actisense NGW-1-ISO connected to the RS-232 module. Two wires: Red/Black on the NGW to RD(4)/GND(1) on the RS-232 module. Match baud rate and set the RS-232 module to output NMEA data only

    I'm still adjusting things to see if a higher baud rate will allow me to connect to the PC and output both NMEA and Ockam data from the RS-232 module. Will check back when I get more info...

  4. I haven't posted on the forum but have been in contact with Harry from Quark-elec. He's been happy to help as much as he can but I think the problem lies on the Ockam side. I tried multiple wire configurations and every baud setting in each configuration

    I have some adapters and converters that should be here by the end of the week. Going to see what's coming out of the GPS module. Also going to see if I can use the RS232 module to stream NMEA data through an RS422 converter into the Quark-elec box

  5. I'm trying to add a NMEA 2000 backbone to our existing Ockam system

    We recently got three new Garmin GNX 120 displays to put at the mast. Those and the AIS transponder (Em-trak B100) will be the only things on the backbone for now

    I purchased a Quark-elec A032 AIS to act as a gateway. Seemed like a simple hook up to the Ockam 041 GPS module. The Ockam system should send out NMEA data as if it were sending it to a chart plotter. That doesn't seem to be working though. I've tried every wire configuration at every baud rate. Yesterday I borrowed an Actisense NGW-1 to try that and it made no difference

    Ockam 041 GPS Module:

    Quark-elec A032:

    Not sure if there is a switch in OckamSoft that needs to be flipped or a command needs to be sent to the 041 module for it to start sending data

    Any help would be appreciated 

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