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  1. From the SSS website: "The decision was reached by taking into consideration the risks for the needed additional race committee personnel as well as issues with having boats race with mixed households onboard" They made a reasonable decision. If you don't like it, volunteer to help in someway to make it a fun event.
  2. As you can see by my profile, I haven't posted anything on SA for many years, but this tragedy hits particularly close to home. I've raced sailboats, dived, and fished in So Cal waters for over 45 years and I've been on many of the local party fishing and diving boats around here and I've spent many days at the Channel Islands. In my experience, most of the crews on the party dive and fishing boats are pretty conscientious about safety. Not all, but most. I could tell you some horror stories about crew behavior and party boat maintenance issues but that would not be constructive. Nobody k
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