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  1. Nomads are awesome, i've turbo'd mine because it is fun. I also love the Dead. The mast is super easy to raise, as it is pinned while down, then simply rotated up into the vertical position. One does not need to balance the rig in a vertical condition while trying to stand on the boat to set it into the step (like a 505, snipe...everything else). It is very easy to ramp launch. We ramp launch ours. I can do it myself unless it is windy/wavy- so it depends on the conditions. I sailed a Nomad for the first time while Team Racing in MA shortly after 6 boats were delivered to Anis
  2. thats cool! I had a 505 for awhile, Lindsay #7093.
  3. i designed the first 3Di Finn sails for ZR leading up to the 2012 games. Super fun project with some performance promise, however it was way stiffer compared to the established rolled cloth we were using in radial layouts. It was too drastic of a change, relative to how they sail the boats. The 3Di Finn sail also had such a different look to it (compared to the rolled cloth) when one was sailing. That was another hurdle for the sailor to get over, though it appears this matte-ish looking sail appearance is now the standard. We also built a one design sized mold bed (for 3DL in ~2009) tha
  4. We have a Vanguard Nomad and it might meet your needs. It is super stable- we have our 3yo & 5yo out sailing on it. It is a great platform for them to learn about boats. Here's a link to another, similar thread:
  5. JulianB - yes, exactly as you described. super simple. works pretty well, and no fussing about needing to cleat/uncleat the caps.
  6. I added upper diamonds to facilitate a MH asymmetrical kite. I used 3mm sk99 and pre-loaded similar to JulianB's suggestion. To allow for mast dynamics upwind, I automated the system with the spinnaker halyard so the uppers engage downwind, but go slack when sailing upwind. Boat is a Vanguard Nomad with an aluminum selden Gamma section. I have not reinforced the mast, but after using this set-up a few times, it would be a good idea.
  7. Steven Gay? awesome- great to re-connect! nice job finding a v15 to adventure in with the kiddos. Hope you are well! ...and yes, sounds like you do have a problem with a big fleet! I'm down to only 1 boat- which is quite nice. Where is 7093 now? do you still have it?
  8. ...I've finished my new jib (raced with it last weekend) and am also building an new main....#livingroomloft
  9. Now with a masthead kite for a little more fun!
  10. i used a super simple method that worked well. I used this method to create 2 parts ~60" long. One part is used as a SUP paddle shaft, the other for a tiller extension on my Nomad. Instead of a mandrel, I used a foam tube as the mold. the foam tube was for window insulation and has a hole down the center. I ran a rope (1/4" maybe?) down through the hole in the tube so that I could hang the set-up vertically, and under tension to keep it straight for lay-up and curing. Once cured, remove the line. Caveat is that there is some lightweight closed cell foam inside my tiller (and SUP sha
  11. I went through this same decision process in the past year or so. I live in Davis, CA - right between SF Bay and Lake Tahoe....also have 2 young kids, 4 and 2- who I want to be comfortable on/around the water. Also used to own a 505, Snipe, etc. I picked up a Vanguard Nomad. For the kiddos it is awesome. Wide, open, stable and comfortable. We can sail in light air, with the kite up, shooting super soakers, eating pb+js and drinking a beer. In breeze, it picks up pretty well, and when we have a babysitter my wife (sailed at Tufts and we have raced Snipes together a bunch) and I can make i
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