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  1. When stupid PA threads co-mingle: Linky
  2. Well, you're the expert on that subject, so I'll defer to your superior knowledge.
  3. This, coming from someone who preaches hatred of anyone on the left. Happy Jack is, without question, psychotic. It is a complete disconnect with the reality of one's behavior, the likes of which I have never seen. He is stone cold fuck nuts. Damn dude, I thought you figured that out about 10 years ago. No?
  4. The photo is edited. Makes you wonder what, if any, part of that pic is real, dontit? Note: not saying Jack is a disingenuous cunt whose statements can't be believed, because, well, everybody already knows that.
  5. Doing it twice is somewhat exceptional, though, and it should also be noted that in both of his elections, he garnered a higher percentage of the vote than W did in either of his elections. Cite
  6. Hey JackWagon , In addition to the rest of the nonsense you're fucking up with here today, you've also 'lost the thread' so to speak. Go back to OP and see just how stooopid your "That would be a yes" reads in light of the subject of this thread. Dum Dum. Regards, Chuck D
  7. You forget the US Senate invoked the Nuclear Option, Republicans can no longer filibuster appointments. Are you always so ill informed? What am I thinking ... of course you are. Not terribly well informed yourself about the appointment confirmation process, it appears. Candidate confirmations are easily blocked without need for a filibuster. Dum Dum.
  8. Well, it hasn't come quite to this ... yet ...
  9. Wait, I thought this was 'Obama's Mexican Gunrunning Operation'. Now it's the child of some jackwagon with too much ambition? Wow, never saw that coming. </sarc>
  10. Or maybe a poll on which of the various Dr_Malarkey, super-genius, monikers, was (or is) the most hilarious? BTW, my vote would go for the OD (original douchebag), "Nailing Malarkey", for his flamboyant entrance, half-baked elaborate sockage, and most spectacular meltdown / banning.
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