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  1. I'm thinking North of Australia would be more entertaining for us.
  2. Or that new canal through Israel.
  3. That keel is less of a clam crush and more of a clam ram.
  4. Money, could it be that simple? Would the principles use the boat for play and to milk others for funds but vanish when it is time to take responsibility for their mess? Never mind, it's for charity work, after all.
  5. Rimas' guardian angel would never allow such such an ordinary fuck up.
  6. Let's put a kicker on it and send it west.
  7. And the basic common fucking sense that a point/ridge/hill on land is a reef where it extends underwater???
  8. I don't want no French squeeking frog bear, Fuckers don't tip.
  9. I'd be skeptical of unintended consequences. Look up tiller combs.
  10. Oh man, that is sweet. A guy would have to take a long hard look at her private parts to know what she tested positive for, obviously.
  11. I'd always been attracted to boats. One day I saw a picture of a Cheoy Lee 53 Motorsailor on the cover of a magazine. POW!
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