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  1. Maybe we (seriously) should investigate what survivors in Venezuela are doing.
  2. On my new boat the traveler rides on a fore and aft track and you can lock it where you please.
  3. Interesting. About a year or two ago the wife and I were on the porch when lightning hit a tree about 150' away. She got very seasick for a day afterword and now has vertigo spells occasionally. She had an MRI yesterday, we'll see if-what they find.
  4. If they had an icemaker she could have perked herself up for the photo.
  5. I have a lot of experience with handheld remote microphone-spealers on handheld VHFs. They have ergonomic-comfort and performance advantages. When communication is sketchy just holding the handheld radio up high has enabled communication many times.The remote enables this. Don't count on this as a cure for longer distances though. An obstacle such a mast between you and the other radio can impact communication too.
  6. I'm not the guy to engineer laminates but that sounds close. My experience is mostly with wracking forces on corners of heavy equipment and also small stitch and glue boats. Without adequate gussets materials joined at angles can too quickly become hinges. That's my point.
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