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  1. how do you know what can be verified? obviously, nothing would be verified were it not for the few who speak up. this thread is not all fun and games. Stowe is an unreformed convicted felon. his behaviors have not altered. he is still cyber panhandling and spinning lies. i did not post anything. i sent a private message. wofsey should have responded to me in a private message as we have done so many times in the past. i have already apologized for sharing information with him that was not mine to share. pile on, it's a free world.
  2. swan, just fking can it. your pov is so screwy, it does not merit rebuttal. you're the guy who thought it would 'amuse' everyone to post photos of your d*ck in this thread. you should have been flicked then and there. i have never been on a personal vendetta in regards to Reid Stowe. i have followed his story for probably 25 years now. i was invited by Stowe himself to 'participate' on his very first blogs. Reid Stowe appears to be wearing teflon foulies with the help of fellow hovians in the world and sailing press. i was very innocent prior to this thread about the honesty of the
  3. well, this is rich. swan giving me lessons on proper ettiquette. fyi i did not post any of this in the forums. i have not deleted any posts. i sent wofsey a private message, misquoted here. evidently he doesn't understand the meaning of private. i consulted with dawg and i am following his advice. some of the idiots on this thread seem to think everything reid does is simply hilarious. guess what? it's not. he is a seamy, slimey individual. the shit he pulls is not funny nor right. and it just goes on and on..just last week he was honored by a nonprofit for clean water! yes, that p
  4. did you ever ask women to risk their lives so you could make a nickle wofsey? din't think so. i will stop now..maybe.
  5. you really don't know Reid very well do you? he won't answer any of the questions we asked. nor will his sheeple. why? because we already know the answers and they are NOT flattering! he is NOT nice. he is a convicted criminal. a conman and a sleazy womanizer; a panhandler and self-entitled prick!
  6. we've caught Reid in so many lies, there is no reason to believe he even did the 1000 days without stopping or assistance. his gps went unaccountably offline when he was less than one hundred miles off shore and when it came back up 10 days whatever later (equally mysteriously), he and Soybean were chomping on pumpkin seeds, coincedentally the major export of the nearest country. He seemed to jill around the galapagos and bermuda for unknown reasons for weeks..and his uncle (on a sailboat) or his pal (also on a sailboat) were coincedentally always within a stone's throw. we know Soybean has
  7. reid will assimilate quickly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyPEag_CDtM&feature=player_embedded
  8. Sweetie, you better up your meds. I made a personal disclosure about a painful subject and sino-bald-dickhead made 2 snide remarks. I responded with snide remarks of my own, hardly trolling. Sally Struthers is calling you, go see what she wants. soak_ed, you don't understand a lick of what's being said here. pete seeger is listed as co founder of WNW. i don't think he has a clue of what the hell they are doing. he is an american icon. it's great to see him still 'doing it' @ (i believe) 91 years of age.
  9. cb..don't fight with a troll. here's pete seeger celebrating john lennon's whatever it was. wtg pete.
  10. it is astounding that a non profit whose stated mission is advocating for clean water would honor a man convicted of polluting the hudson river, the very location their celebration was held. MC and Reid have pushed his (insert number) 'days off the grid' as RW loves to tell the world any chance he gets and BS hovian crybaby articles claim Reid and Soanya sit around discussing 'sustinence'. yet we have never seen a microdot of evidence of Reid's commitment to a 'green' lifestyle. Reid chucked 3 years worth of trash directly into the sea. the hovians should have documented the disposal of 3
  11. you can always friend him on facebook. no one else has asked him to be a freind. NVH
  12. EMF HOVIANS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_0uMSy2WUw
  13. enough already hovian crybabies! Stowe's America By Will Munsil October 4, 2010 at 5:50 pm In a younger America, Reid Stowe might have been a national hero. His name might have been a household one. He might have been the subject of casual talk. He might have met the president. At age 55, in April of 2007, Stowe set sail on a 70-foot boat he called Anne. For over three years he floated on it, as the world went on without him. It was the longest continuous voyage at sea and the longest recorded trip ever made by a human being. He could have made a round-trip voyage to Mars in the
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