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  1. Takes some balls.... https://worcester.craigslist.org/boa/d/auburn-sail-boat/7294455895.html
  2. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. If a fire extinguisher is required then figure in a few extra minutes.
  3. That uncontrolled shaking of your head could becacsign of lead poisoning too.
  4. and that is probably why I find this video difficult to masturbate to.
  5. This happened at Boston's Logan Airport. Initially it was thought everyone on board survived. It took a few days to realize that there were two missing, and never found, passengers. https://www.nytimes.com/1984/02/10/us/relative-of-2-victims-in-air-crash-still-angry.html
  6. MICHAEL MCKINNELL, ARCHITECT BEHING BOSTON'S BRUTALIST CITY HALL, DIES FROM COVID-19 https://www.metalocus.es/en/news/michael-mckinnell-architect-behing-bostons-brutalist-city-hall-dies-covid-19
  7. It's been wiped from YouToob but there is this... https://ktul.com/news/local/tulsa-boat-builders-extreme-prank-stirs-anger-and-support-online
  8. Capri 22 hoisted off trailer solely by two $14.99 Harbor Freight ratchet straps. Easy once you find something to hang the straps from. https://www.harborfreight.com/3300-lb-capacity-2-in-x-27-ft-heavy-duty-ratcheting-tie-down-1-pk-60689.html
  9. I'm painting a crappy Capri 22. I just got the bottom cleaned up and the keel faired and primed. Maybe I'll just finish the bottom (Pettit Vivid) and paint the topsides next year. I have the boat hanging in a friends garage and he's probably like the space back at some point. It seems like all the paint manufactureres have something new in no tip paint in the works so wait and see might be the best approach.
  10. BTW, I had sprayed my last boat with Pettit Easy Poxy 2, a 2-part that I think was equivalent to Perfection. It doesn't seem to exist anymore.
  11. Thanks. I was looking for a light gray which Interux had only an off white called platinum. Epifanes has something closer to what I'm looking for.
  12. See the vid. He has a factory rep remote supervising. This is Perfection "PRO" vs regular Perfection from what I gather.
  13. I've been watching the "Sail Life" You Toob channel and he's using Interlux Perfection Pro. Roll on, no tipping. A google search doesn't show anything for sale in the U.S. of A. What's the deal. I'm about to paint my boat and this looks too good to be true.
  14. That's the Hatch Shell on the Charles River Esplanade. Looks like they are getting ready for a Boston Pops Fourth of July concert what with the Howitzer off stage to the left in the photo. Community Boating is directly in the background, where I learned to sail. Total cost, a buck.
  15. Harvard Square early 70's. Mass State Police laying into hippy war protesters with their night sticks and looking like they're really enjoying themselves. The billy clubs swung more freely than Louisville Sluggers at Fenway Park back then. I remember a local kid, Larry Largey, turned up dead in his jail cell after a ride in the Cambridge Cops paddy wagon. They had apparently mistaken his head for a pinata. People were pissed but didn't burn the neighborhood down.
  16. I recognized that piece of plywood in a heartbeat.
  17. Just realized that the battens for the Quantum mainsail that came with my Capri 22 are no where to be found. I called the local loft and they were helpful, to the point that I think the gent is trying to track down the history of my specific sail. But we're going on day two and I'm hoping to score some battens for this weekend. Anything special about what I need? Quantum seemed to indicate that they used something better than what I'd find on the shelf at Defender. If I use these while waiting to hear back from Quantum go with the widest that will fit? The pockets
  18. Thanks for the help everyone and for not tearing me to pieces for not going with the obvious bolt rope. Here's a better picture of the whole foot. In addition to the bolt rope I can see now that there is a foot shelf sewn into the sail. PO must have been screwing with me because I haggled on the price? Probably why he forgot to give me the battens too. But that's another thread.
  19. Bingo! The PO swore this sail was meant to be flown loose footed despite the bolt rope. Using the grommet as you describe instead of making fast to the eye strap on one side nails it down. Thanks.
  20. The reefing setup on a Capri 22 is shown below and includes a second reefing line attached to an eye strap on the boom and run through a "flattening grommet" then back along the same path as the regular reefing line. My boat came with a loose footed sail made by Quantum and does not have the flattening grommet. I'm wondering if my reefing line should be rigged any differently than a non- loose footed sail? Just run my reefing line from the eye strap on the boom through the reef gromme at the top of the photo then to the sheave at the back of the boom? What is the purpose of t
  21. and for what reasons... Rosemary Kennedy
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