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  1. Nothing wrong, the people in the marina were clearly jerks. I'm fairly sure if he wasn't wearing pants in public then kilt is the likely attire.
  2. You need to ride the flood; not the slack. If you leave at 3pm on the 22nd you'll be fighting ebb. Leave around 9am; give yourself plenty of time; ride the flood and get there in daylight. https://l-36.com/sf_current_new2.php?area=richmond&target_month=1&target_day=22&target_year=2022&target_hour=11&target_min=06&map=1
  3. You have an incomplete inventory; get an A2 or S2. Switch between that and your Genoa.
  4. Maybe talk to the yard that did the work? Seemed like a reasonable solution here: Keels on post
  5. Tie a line/bungee between the two lowers.
  6. Biodiesel is more hygroscopic than normal diesel (fatty acid methyl esters are more polar than alkanes) so that is one reason to avoid in a marine environment. If you see a product called renewable diesel that is fine to use too; it is not the same as biodiesel and chemically identical to petrodiesel.
  7. Big fan of stowing the pole on the boom.
  8. Catalina 275, J88, J9, J80, alerion 28, Harbor 25, probably others
  9. 300lbs seems very high. Ours couldn't have been more than 100lbs as I could pick it up easily and towed great.
  10. That shouldn't happen; how is your tongue weight? Hope you get it sorted soon and have fun on the cycle tour!
  11. No harm in upgrading to something safer but just don't let go of the handle and you'll be fine with your current one. Recommend wedging the keel with some carved pool noodles when it's up if you don't already have something. I see a U20 but no hotfoots in the ditch run yet!
  12. In that photo you'd be sitting on a winch mounted aft of that traveler; seems likely they'd be in the way. It's unclear to me how much closer you really need them; your arms don't appear unusually short. If you need to be closer then maybe move the wooden winch pedestals aft so they are directly on top of the traveler and put your mainsheet traveler gear a little further inboard.
  13. Congrats! If your goals are ditch run and double damned I would avoid the sprit and rating hit. Get out now and start practicing for the June 12 ditch run! Expect that masthead kite will really add up in light-medium air downwind. A stock hotfoot is already much more powered up than a holder 20. Also, when you have a chance look at how small your keel bulb is compared to a U20.
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