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  1. Having fun with this. I could get addicted so I'm glad there is only one word a day.
  2. Time to put on the air-brakes.
  3. I have that Gill model and my only complaint is that the shoulder straps keep falling down while on the boat. Next time I think I'll try the SEA ones with the waistband.
  4. No. Pay off the PHRF Committee. I've seen it done before.
  5. Find a French speaking girlfriend. Best way to learn the language is in the bedroom.
  6. Hey Ed- Why not challenge the owner to a fight? Meet at dawn around a burning pile of PHRF measurement forms. Then pour engine oil over your naked bodies and wrestle until the winner prevails. You can even have Woody take side bets.
  7. Heads start rolling for the Bears: https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/bears/ct-chicago-bears-matt-nagy-fired-20220110-ja4jm7rvxfaxlda6r2pvtraaiu-story.html Of course this gives the McCaskey family another 2-3 years of mediocre teams as the new coach and GM get up to speed and rebuild. By then Brady will have won his 15th Super Bowl.
  8. What not 12C? I still use one of those.
  9. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner was another ground breaking film he starred in. For those of you who remember that time, the idea of interracial marriage was taboo, even in liberal society. The fact that the movie even got made is a tribute to Poitier's strength as a human and as an actor.
  10. Looks amazing. I'll have to see it this weekend.
  11. I am very close to dumping my paper. (Chicago Tribune) The paper was bought by a hedge fund and the quality has gone into the toilet fast. They fired all the smart writers and kept a bunch of restaurant and entertainment writers to produce crap journalism. Going to Wall St Journal because they actually employ journalists.
  12. Whoever the new Bears coach is he won't do much until the rest of the organization cleans house. That means a new GM, president and maybe even new owners.
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