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  1. Now try to get a vax id system put together. Already some states have outlawed vax id's. Doesn't seem like the feds what to go there now.
  2. The important thing is fitting the kids properly. Bindings need to adjusted and the boots have to fit right. Otherwise you will pay an orthopedic doctor a lot more than you save on equipment.
  3. This may sound lame to some but the Sunfish class has a very large masters fleet. Used boats are readily available and there are a lot of people in the New England area racing. The masters midwinters in Florida this year had 60+ participants. I think the oldest was in their 70's.
  4. Brunswick is a power boat maker only. Looks bad for any sailing related products.
  5. +1 on the Forester. The wife has a 2016. She would like the newer one for the collision avoidance gizmos but we will have to wait a few years.
  6. Just saw that the Japanese won't give away free condoms during the games. Only some souvenirs to bring home to the family. https://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2021/06/20/tokyo-2020-booze-condoms-and-fans/ Given the athletes will be stuck inside their compound most of the time how will they be able to keep their hands to themselves? How many babies can we expect 9 months after the games?
  7. Better move and burn the house. You don't want to know what that thing looks like when it grows up.
  8. I have a Weber Performer grill. Basically a charcoal grill with a propane starter. I find it meets most my needs for smoking and grilling. The propane starter is a great feature so you have no odors from starter fluids or paper. If I need extra smoke I throw on some wood. Great for brisket, lamb and turkey. Mine is probably 15 years old and still in great condition.
  9. Got to wear my plaid jacket today.
  10. The wife has a similar experience with Walgreens. The products showed up very late, wrong items, idiots at the store didn't know how to handle online orders, etc.. Basically this online ordering stuff is harder than it looks and Amazon seems to have it down pretty well.
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