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  1. Elizabeth's uncle Edward tried to sell out to the Nazis during WW II so the German blood runs strong in the family.
  2. Just shows that inbreeding in any species doesn't work. The only "normal" seeming one is Harry. He saw the writing on the wall and ran half a world away from his family.
  3. The question is how can she get close enough if she has to give you mouth to mouth recuscitation?
  4. https://www.winknews.com/2021/04/04/hazardous-water-leaking-from-retention-pond-in-manatee-county-might-impact-southwest-florida/
  5. One trick I use is to cut some slits into the meat with a paring knife and insert some slivers of garlic into the leg. This spreads the garlic flavor throughout the whole piece of meat. While some think it is easier to use boneless legs, I prefer having the bone in for roasting. I think it adds better flavor.
  6. Can't you just buy the Washington Post? Jeff Bezos doesn't have enough money.
  7. As Ricky Ricardo used to say to Lucy, "Lucy you got some 'splaining' to do"
  8. The guy lands a big jet at a small airport. Oops! Maybe they won't notice.
  9. I have a DeWalt 20v cordless driver that came with 2 batteries. After about 2 years one battery died. Not too pleased here.
  10. We are not in Kansas any more Dorothy.
  11. Damn! My penguin will be really pissed.
  12. Bears have been a mediocre club for a long time. Basically since 1985. With all the coaches and QB's that go through the team's revolving doors, the blame has to sit on the ownership. The owners get rich by doing and spending nothing and let us fans pay for their mediocrity.
  13. https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwi/boa/d/lowell-sailboat/7295068348.html
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