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  1. Old news - there was a documentary on it years ago - probably on PBS. One of those things like thinking up the SR71 in the late 50's - how did anyone even think it was possible? And then they just did it.
  2. Well whaddya want? It's obvious a firearm isn't enough. Now America will have to guard against those fuckin' paver grabbers
  3. Me too - which is unfortunate. Such a Galactic level of stupidity should make one laugh. I guess we'll just have to settle for a sort of fascinating entertainment.
  4. My wife laughed..... Maniacally?
  5. Looks kinda cool but all those ridges have got to be a drag on flow - like using corrugated hose on a bilge pump.
  6. The Winter Olympics should have been shut down after Calgary in '88. I mean really, after the Jamaican Bobsled team and Eddie the Eagle how could they ever be equaled?
  7. I'm not - I only use my boat locally so no need. When I cruise it's on a friends boat with a big Raymarine plotter at the helm.
  8. Re: the OP - I've never heard of Aqua Map and wouldn't even check it out if I had - sounds like something a newbie with a 40' powerboat would go for.
  9. Some were in it for reasons other than slavery. Trumpers are only in it for themselves.
  10. Oil in cans - that was a long time ago. I threw away my old can spout at least 20 years ago.
  11. As Ish once said to me - "Don't you just hate it when everything fucks up because it's your fault"?
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