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  1. For pure riding as opposed to touring & viewing, I can't imagine a better road than the one from Sea Ranch to the 101 North of SF.
  2. Yeah, but they couldn't hold the airports in the revolutionary war.
  3. SloopJonB


    Here's what I know about women. Our 41st anniversary is in two weeks so I guess it's enough.
  4. When they are simply clogged with deposits can't those be removed by boiling them in an engine builders hot tank?
  5. Everybody gets what you have laid out. It's not like it's a complex thought process or something. It's just that it's only the usual gun nut bullshit.
  6. The nerve of them - putting him in jail with real criminals. Not just unfair, that's so unfair.
  7. Name some non-British former colonies that are as successful as Canada, America, Oz, NZ, HK etc. If you want to know what a really nasty colonial power was like, check out Belgium's record.
  8. What's to argue about? Any machine should use the lubricants recommended by the MFR. Changing them to something else is a fools errand. How about running gear lube in a high RPM engine?
  9. Cheoy's were built in Hong Kong in a very old yard and were built to Lloyds specs - quite different from the early Taiwan boats.
  10. The way to check the wood loss on a teak deck is to check the thickness under hardware. After a long time everything will be sitting on a raised pad the height of which corresponds to the wear on the deck.
  11. Phil was Greek. He had Danish royal blood as well but that doesn't mean much with the Euro royals - they are all cousins - or closer. Most of the current Euro royals have Victoria in their background.
  12. Don't forget that he welshed on a mortgage as well.
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