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  1. There is no peak for GOP stupidity. Just like there is no bottom to their venality.
  2. Yeah, he's got a lot of work to do to avoid overrides.
  3. "If you have any idea about displeasing my daughter, remember that I have no problem going back to prison"
  4. If you're buying wine with sediment in it you need to find a new brand. That shit went out decades ago - there's no excuse for it anymore. And before anyone posts the inevitable, no-one asking that question would be buying wine old enough to legitimately have sediment.
  5. After countersinking and plugging the fasteners.
  6. Lagostina makes a similar product to Barkeep's Friend but it's better.
  7. This can't have happened. According to JerKZ, capitalist theory mandates that any increase in a minimum wage will create unemployment and/or drive companies out of business. He has so stated many times.
  8. Those boats were competitive 1/4 Tonners back then. PHRF about the same as a San Juan 24 - 220 or thereabouts. They were fast boats in their day.
  9. Seriously, Why?? Disturbing... We are truly fucked... I had a burger at a Carl's - once. It would be a good choice for a nutbar family to shoot up.
  10. "As me old pappy used to say "You can't cheat an honest man, so never give a sucker an even break or smarten up a chump". W.C. Fields.
  11. This is news? Everything was dumped in the ocean BITD. Minimata was 1956. One of the irreparably irradiated ships from the initial nuke testing is on the bottom off of SF Bay. The others are elsewhere in the Pacific. New York City barged it's garbage out into the Atlantic for decades until it started coming back onto the Long Island beaches Howe sound, a fjord which I live beside, is 26 miles long and 1000 ft. deep. It was virtually dead back in the 70's from pulp mill effluent (Dioxin) as well as copper mine runoff Ocean dumping is not nearly as bad now but it's
  12. Don't go near Industrial Engines Ltd. on Annacis. I'd strongly recommend Cyrus Marine Services in the Lynnwood complex - he's on Orwell I think. Can be hard to get hold of but totally worth the effort.
  13. And smart, capable and prominent women make them impotent. Stepford is their idea of paradise.
  14. Looks like the ultimate skateboard park.
  15. I'm surprised that the believers in originalist dogma even understand the concept of constitutional amendments. If the constitution was so perfect as originally written, why has it been amended 27 times - and attempted even more times? By the mere fact of including an amending formula the framers recognized that it was an imperfect, living document.
  16. I'm too weak for that - when I read moronic drivel I have an irresistible need to call it such. That's why I get irritated by people quoting the mega-fools like JerKZ, The Mutt etc. I simply can't leave it alone.
  17. It was the one bit of shortsighted specificity the founders demonstrated. They wrote everything else for the ages but they didn't see past muskets and villages when they framed the 2A.
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