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  1. I'll bet she collected a lot of it over the years though.
  2. Nope - Max doesn't know shit about machinery. Or anything else for that matter. Although... he is the resident expert on complete fucking morons
  3. Shhhhh - they haven't realized yet that Obama was the last time.
  4. Bad idea. Most of the really hot girls don't know which way to turn a nut.
  5. You're right... I agree.
  6. You mounted them upside down.
  7. SloopJonB


    Yeah... but no worries about a flooded basement.
  8. SloopJonB


    I didn't know Irish whiskey was that old.
  9. You have to wonder how they got the critter in the sidehack the 2nd time.
  10. She isn't the pestilence?
  11. And the ever present possibility of getting pegged.
  12. It's always about money. The old money has always perpetrated that myth that it's about breeding and it's vulgar to talk about money solely in order to keep the lower orders from acquiring any and imperiling their hold on most of it. If you have money you will always be accepted by them, albeit with countless slights to ensure you know your place is below the salt. Even if you are American or Arab. Why do you think they have always married solely for money and position?
  13. One of the all time best examples of the sort of supercilious condescension at which the Brit U.C.'s are unrivaled. "He's the sort of person who buys his own furniture". The longer it's been since anyone in your family did anything useful, the higher your status.
  14. Great movie. Cali has had fire & flood so far this year - can famine & pestilence be far behind?
  15. A Harley made it from Japan after the Fukushima tsunami.
  16. No shit - the news said one was already at Cape Scott. That would have been a respectable speed in a sailboat.
  17. It's not about sailing - it's his entry in the billionaires dick swinging contest.
  18. She was merely fulfilling her role as a griftee. The grifted money has to come from somewhere.
  19. Exactly - 02:30 to 06:00 in my E-Type.
  20. You just move the transmission from the bathtub.
  21. Sure it is - Vancouver B.C. is in close proximity to Portland. I've driven it in less than 4 hours.
  22. How low you got? They demonstrated several years ago that there is no bottom.
  23. I don't put the Dodo on ignore only because he has interesting stuff to say about machinery. His late night PUI ranting can be kind of fun too - in a "Holy Shit" kind of way.
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