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  1. I'd be willing to bet that one of the biggest drivers of health costs in the States is malpractice insurance premiums.
  2. Have they even turned off the fountains and street misters in Vegas?
  3. Yes they are. Pharma is at the top of the corporate food chain. It's like selling food and funerals - recession proof. Sure developing new drugs is expensive but so are a lot of products - have you looked at the price of developing a new car? The Ford Taurus cost a $billion - in the 80's.
  4. I'd be surprised if tech geeks couldn't tell a fake vid. There have to be be giveaways like the old spliced tape recordings.
  5. Somebody actually creates that? Like there wasn't enough bullshit in the world already?
  6. AFAIK the only place gas is ever checked is in farm country.
  7. Too late to change it even if I wanted to. That was Farley Mowat's cop out when he was caught bullshitting in one of his supposedly non-fiction books. "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story" Also attributed to Twain - like almost every good line.
  8. "believes in communism " means just that - a person who thinks it is a workable system of government or social organization. And if that describes you I regret to say you are dumber than, or at least as dumb as a Trump supporter. How much abject failure would it take to convince you it's a non-starter?
  9. It's called Fritting. If you google "fritting acrylic windows" you'll get lots of info.
  10. "The Best Healthcare" in what specific way? Clod Umbrage is too clueless to be able to differentiate between "healthcare system" and "healthcare technology". America indeed has the best healthcare technology but since it is only accessible to a part of the population it is an extremely poor healthcare system. As is demonstrated by the results achieved.
  11. They are earnest but they tend to be nasty, vicious and blind to reality. Anybody who still believes in communism is dumber than a Trump supporter.
  12. Two time loser? How many times has he posted? That's the number of loser that he is.
  13. got a twin fetish? Not at all - group gropes never appealed to me. I'm just sayin' - no-one ages that much in 30 years. Those old twins have to be near or past 90
  14. All of the Eagles did better work on their own IMO.
  15. When I was watching it happening I couldn't understand why there weren't more Ashli Babbits. Having to step over a line of dead bodies would have concentrated the minds of the later insurgents.
  16. It seems to be in the DNA of the kind of people who are attracted to it. In the 70's a friend and I took a scuba course at Camp Pendleton, which I understand is the biggest US Marine base. One of the girls on the course was from Vancouver so we got talking about home. Turned out she was a commie - a Marxist Leninist (actually just a vacuous bimbo). I gave her a reality check about how irrelevant and ludicrous they were and she responded with "But they're beating the Revisionists, which is what's important". The wheel goes round & round. She was utterly oblivious to
  17. One of my dad's friends in the 30's was a pol - MP at one point. They used to refer to the commies as "The Comicals" because of all the ludicrous infighting that went on with them - Marxist VS Revisionist and so forth. Back then no-one but themselves took them seriously - they were a circus sideshow. Much like today.
  18. I'm calling BS - there's no way those two are only 30 years older than these two
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