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  1. Regarding this post of yours:

    Who is stalking who?  @Sail4beer is the boastful, creepy stalker lately, with @Bob Perry's encouragement and approval (along with yours @Ishmael, and others).  Now my head is on the block?

    I received nine down votes recently for responding to a post from @Tanton Y_M about "Perfect galley Bob!" - I begged to differ about the sink and was punished severely for it, labeled a stalker then because I down-voted some bullshit you said about me.

    It's not stalking to once in awhile read a thread using a browser where I'm not logged in to SA, so my ignore filters don't apply and I can see the disparaging references to myself, such as those by @SloopJonB that I found today.

    This is crazy.

    1. SloopJonB


      No, you're just a petty, petulant asshole.

      Just go away - no-one will miss you.

  2. Headed up to West Van tomorrow. Will be skiing Grouse Mt. on Wednesday. 

    1. SloopJonB


      Picked a good time - we had a good dump of snow yesterday - 6" even down here on the water.

    2. (See 1 other reply to this status update)

  3. Saw you Keel bolt post- same issue on my Columbia 34 Mk II- maybe uglier...

    Did you do that work yourself or have a yard do it? I was wondering what it would cost....not willing to take it on myself (can you say chicken?).


    1. SloopJonB


      I had some of the work done - the keel was removed in San Rafael for trucking here. The yard here did the sandblasting, making a cradle for it and obviously all the hoisting of things. I did all the fairing, installing the new hardware, sealing, filling & fairing the joint and the final barrier coats.

      If you are going to just pay for it all then expect a big bill - I spent several $K 15 years ago - I'd guess you'd be looking at $10K at least to have it all done for you. Only a guess though - you'd need to ask some yards - their prices vary wildly depending on where you are.

      Good luck.

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