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  1. Epoxy. Poly is fine for new construction but repairs / add ons and so forth I would only use epoxy. The performance is much better and the cost difference is negligible. Cost is the only reason epoxy is not used for all boat construction.
  2. One of the worst days in recorded history.
  3. At least none of those lines look like galvanized 7X7.
  4. The trouble is that you would need concentration camps and industrialization to euthanize all the traitors currently in America. You're talking 10's of millions of the fuckers.
  5. Carlson always looks like he's squinting trying to understand whats going on. How did someone who looks so dim ever land a job as a talking head?
  6. What about rods, perches and bushels? Don't they count?
  7. Only if you buy bottom end cars. Both mine require top grade Chevron - it's the only octane high enough for supercharged or high compression engines. If I put 87 or 89 in them I'd break the knock sensors at idle.
  8. The way things are going that probably means we'll have to eliminate the health care system.
  9. Does this mean the FBI and National Guard will be going into Missistupidity in force like during the civil rights days?
  10. My boss was given one like that as a going away present. It said; FUCK YOU STRONG LETTER TO FOLLOW
  11. I think you've posted this previously. I have an incredible memory and an innate distrust for attention-whoring. That's it. Funny - that's much how I pictured him.
  12. 72 degrees under clear skies and a 10 knot breeze here - just got back from a successful motoring test so should be rigging the boat for sailing in the next few days.
  13. This shows how much work they can do by demonstrating what happens when one goes missing from the shift linkage. "For want of a nail... "
  14. You have learned an old rule, usually learned the hard way; "Choose the smallest bot that meets your needs, not the biggest boat you think you can handle".
  15. America is the only developed nation where life expectancy is declining. You pay double what we pay to get worse outcomes and 4 years less life expectancy. The national IQ in the States is also declining. Coincidence?
  16. That day it was Stupid Central. I doubt the aggregate IQ of that mob reached triple digits.
  17. Asking about twice the price it was a few years ago. No dates on any of the sails - I'm afraid to think what even a staysail would cost. I'm guessing a new carbon main would approach 6 figures. Do they sell bottom paint in barrels?
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