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  1. It was way up the Fraser - up past the Fraser bridge in one of the sloughs IIRC
  2. Ours is made of ferro ships so they still float. One of the hulks is 100 years old - WW I.
  3. (it looks expensive) I think it generally totals boats because of the cost of repairing it.
  4. A sign of good proportions - can't tell their size without a reference. A while back a local Mull 3/4 Tonner - Clockwork Rocketship - was for sale in very sad condition. Someone posted a pic here and people were guessing everything from 1/4 Tonner to One Tonner.
  5. That, along with the hydraulic steering was why I got rid of my Fortune 30. The high bow would blow off faster than the boat could turn. I loved everything else about the boat but it was so clumsy in close quarters that I just couldn't live with it.
  6. An Ozzie condescending about the treatment of indigenous people in other countries. Now that's funny.
  7. You must be easily confused. The stats are repeated in numerous publications - you can look it up. Your attempts to imply gun violence is not America-centric are simply lame. But don't let that stop you.
  8. The Wizard of Id seemed to know this was coming decades ago;
  9. Yes, did you? Before 2012, about 75 per cent of the firearms were trafficked from the United States. By 2017, however, about half originated from domestic sources Are you even capable of comprehending where the other half comes from? And you're not even one of the stupid ones - it's no wonder the USA is so fucked up.
  10. The number of guns obtained legally in Canada but are then sold to people who use them for criminal purposes has surged dramatically in recent years compared to firearms smuggled from the United States, Toronto police say. In recent years, they say, investigators have noticed a stark shift in where guns used to commit crimes are coming from. Before 2012, about 75 per cent of the firearms were trafficked from the United States. By 2017, however, about half originated from domestic sources https://toronto.citynews.ca/2018/07/24/illegal-guns-sourced-canada/
  11. He always looked sweaty. Never saw him in a role where he wasn't really good. Oh, and it's two "T"s
  12. No shit - there are estimated to be nearly 400,000,000 small arms in the USA. More than one for every man, woman and child. 1/2 the guns used in crime here are illegals from the USA.
  13. Hey, I'm only exploiting them by drinking milk. Ain't zealotry wunnerful?
  14. When I was a teenager some friends and I came across a scene like that one night - a Triumph Spitfire had done the exact same thing - nailed the window like it was well aimed. Did I mention we were all on acid? It was such a bizarre sight that a couple of us went back the next day to make certain we had actually seen it.
  15. When I'm doing winches on cockpit coamings I drape a large old towel over the lifelines and across the deck to the winch - I find it a lot easier to work that way compared to inside a box.
  16. I never knew that Pearson did any custom builds. Handsome boat.
  17. And for that kind, never would be. Apparently you need to be more discriminating in your choice of acquaintances
  18. Sea Warrior, you are the reason that abortion needs to be legal. How can someone who claims to be as dumb as you, still know how to breathe? I think you don't actually require oxygen, is it possible that you are not a BAHT? The only thing that keeps him breathing is the fact that it's autonomic. With so many of the usual suspects now in hiding it's a tossup between Sea Worm and Vermin for dumbest shit here.
  19. Black is pretty popular on both here - it's what I have.
  20. Some, I had a 35 Y.O. Columbia 43 that had never had a blister. What you describe is not even worth thinking about - routine fix up at bottom paint time.
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