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  1. Honor the Box! I absolutely love Crystal Lake and E scows!!
  2. Thanks MYC and the WMYA, had a blast this past week. Thanks Jack, BT & ET for all the help and lodging.
  3. A few rum bottles in the bilge will bring the SI up.
  4. I heard a few people went over but they failed CYC's stability index test and were not allowed to drink (any more). Now that is some funny shit ... I just spit my rum and coke out...clasic!!! Bahaaaa.
  5. Eggcrate, I did not pay for the goodies..yet.
  6. Great job Peter Fox!! http://media.ussailing.org/Sailor_of_the_Week.htm
  7. BT I have arranged a comfortable seat at the Tip-a-Few for you!!
  8. time for a new E?

  9. WMYA results. http://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_regatta_results.php?regatta_id=3843 Egg
  10. Did Nils over see this project?
  11. To Division 1, I forgot to add.
  12. Are you really going there BT? Really?
  13. Won't be the first time he has been T-Boned. GTFTBT!!!
  14. I figured it was the Kids. Is the Ice ready? X-mas was great.

  15. What are you doing up this early on SA! LOL Hope your Christmas was awesome!

  16. Build an ice boat. ~2 months and we will have ice. Winter sailing season.
  17. we closed off some threads as invision suggested that a number of threads have over 5,000 replies and could be contributing to our forum issues. but in the meantime, you're an idiot, but at least you are right about one thing - you're outta here. douchebag!!
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