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  1. That's my club! Marion-Bermuda pre-race dinner? This means that I missed an opportunity to meet IB (and some other esteemed Anarchists?) Fair winds!
  2. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
  3. Too many to list... just off the top of my head... Part 48, VoIP, IP video, the New Year congestion collapse, Ethernet, WiFi, trans-oceanic fiber, DNS, RSA, CDN, laptops, IPV4 address exhaustion, IPV6, DOCSIS, FTTH, V.32, BGP....
  4. Singapore is a fascinating place in many respects. I understand that things have loosened up a bit since I was last there in the late 1990s, but it's still not a place to screw up. Even chewing gum used to be prohibited. They were selling tee-shirts: "Singapore is a Fine City". "Fine for littering, Fine for spitting, Fine for public urination, Fine for J-walking, Fine for public intoxication... Death for drugs." It's the one place that I can think of that has a benevolent and transparent authoritarian government. Also the cleanest city I've seen, and supposedly the safest and most diverse, and
  5. It’s not. Neither is insurance fraud, but that doesn’t stop some people, either.
  6. Nationally, robocalls declined in November for the first time. I expect that to continue, as more operators roll out some technology called STIR/SHAKEN*. The FCC has ordered them to do so by the end of June, by which time only the most skilled and determined spammers are going to be able to get through. Be patient. Things are starting to get better. *STIR/SHAKEN prevents Caller-ID spoofing and permits calls to be traced back to their originator.
  7. No words. Y’all said everything that needed to be said. Fair winds.
  8. Welch copied Six-Sigma from Motorola. He was friends with the CEO at the time... I think it was George Fisher (who was and excellent CEO at MOT but later rode Kodak into the ground) but it might have been scion Chris Galvin by that point. It was invented by a QA VP named Quinn Balzono to solve a manufacturing problem in the pager factory. For its intended purpose -- steeply reducing scrap and DOAs in a manufacturing process -- it was (and still is brilliant). Problem was that Senior Management got obsessed with it as the universal elixir for every business ailment. It reached a point that pe
  9. John Bolton. That was before I shaved my mustache. Hell, that is why I shaved my mustache.
  10. TPI used to build turbine blades and J-Boats/Pearson/Alerion in the same factory. Many synergies in that place.
  11. Levelized cost of energy Trustworthy information on the levelized (includes everything) cost of energy. Folks who manage $Billions in equities do not like biased forecasts or incomplete analysis or cherry picking. This one is by Lazard; Sanford Bernstein did one in 2014. Bottom line: " In some scenarios, alternative energy costs have decreased to the point that they are now at or below the marginal cost of conventional generation. " There is no longer an economic argument against utility-scale wind and solar.
  12. It’s complicated and I don’t claim to completely understand it. The big US carriers sold off their tower holdings to real estate investment trusts like American Tower and Zayo, which lease tower space to cellular providers and others. They also build new towers. Many of these are multi-tenant. Recently AT&T and Verizon formed a joint venture to build shared sites because they think they are getting ripped off by the tower companies. Throw into that all the legal and civil engineering complexities and you have a hot mess. But back to your question... a lot of the larger towers are jo
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