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  1. Good weekend, a lot less people than when I was there 2 years ago. Races seemed to be well organised. Had no trouble moving drinks through checkpoint charlie. Great to catch up with old acquaintances and chew the fat.
  2. All this searching for the missing MH370 in the Indian ocean might find Robert Redford still floating around out there....
  3. No Red Sky v Coramandel. I have now had it conformed that Coramandel lost. Ghost
  4. Not really a big boat topic, but I know lots of the Port Philip sailors lurk here. I wonder if anybody knows the result of the very late night protest at RYCV last night or if they publish them anywhere? No affiliation, just a curious standbyer. Ghost
  5. I collect old flares for our club and took a large bag to the Williamstown police station some months back, they looked at me a little strange but took them never the less, no charge. ORCV uses them when they do Sea safety survival but I would imagine they would have sufficient supply from members. G
  6. Bluewater (first 45 from HBYC) is now called IKON. Excellent result for race 1.
  7. The Squadron or Hobsons Bay YC! HBYC might be getting a new fence soon too.
  8. Peter and Kate did Charter Cadi for Hammo 08 as Goldy.
  9. PITA having to travel all the way to Sandy and back, just made the start and for the whole afternoon spent more time cruising down and back than racing. Why can't selfish Sandies meet half way??
  10. Saw Kookaburra in its pen yesterday, I thought it was going to Hammo???
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