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  1. I’m at Paradise in deale. No ramp, but might be able to work a deal with John for storage of the trailer. There are several mompop type marinas in deale that severities slip available. I make the drive from Vienna to deale in one hour. Annapolis is 15 mile drive.
  2. Does it matter? usd spends everywhere. Although we’d likely get more bang for buck in Africa...
  3. Can we start a go fund me page for the crane operator. How much do ya think it will take for him to drop another one
  4. Easy peasy with an extra pair of hands to feed the sail otherwise, like zonk said, it’s a bit of back and forth pull halyard a few feet, reset the sail pull a few more feet, wash rinse repeat. Mclube.... if you are installing a larger headsail, then you may want to add a few more wraps on the drum, just to make sure you can wrap the entire sail up figure while you got the spinning bits lowered lube up the bearings might be a good time to do an end for end swap on the halyard... good time to inspect the sail and uv cover. Have some needles and thread handy just in case
  5. Basically a beauty/popularity contest... Mom was a principal and used her credentials to access school records. That’s the rub.... digital fingerprint never lies The mother-daughter-duo were arrested and booked at Escambia County Jail on one count each of offenses against users of computers, computer systems, computer networks, and electronic devices, a third-degree felony; unlawful use of a two-way communications device, a third-degree felony; criminal use of personally identifiable information, a third-degree felony; and conspiracy to commit these offenses (a 1st degree mis
  6. A Florida mother and her teenage daughter each face up to 16 years in prison after rigging a high school homecoming court competition, officials announced on Tuesday. The daughter who, was 17 when the crime took place, recently turned 18 and will be tried as an adult. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/emily-grover-florida-homecoming-hack/ first hanging chads, now this....
  7. Get it functional and safe, get it on the water. Doesn’t need to be pretty. That way you can at least begin to enjoy the boat while working on it. A project that drags on with no end in close sight, will drag on even more and suck the life out of you. set goals deadlines. Keep a project list. Always felt good to cross items off the list. Even though every trip it seemed that I tended to add projects to the list as fast as I completed them. Overestimate the amount of time a project will take. Everything takes longer on a boat. Sometimes you get lucky though. make you
  8. On Saturday Got the sterling charger installed. Thanks for the recommendation. Easy install no drama. Tucked up under the chart table like the zantrex, but takes up a whole lot less space. Also finished the final coat of paint on the aft cabin and main cabin. ill likely end up drilling a hole in the wood under the charger and hiding the wires or build a new wire chase to cover them. Lord knows I have enough scraps. Although once the cushion is in place you never see the wires. Spent time playing the knot meter. I taped a vacuum cleaner hose to the knot meter so I could ge
  9. You sail. You’ve probably already developed it, and you’ve spent likely much more than 12.5 k to get it....
  10. I had to install some temporary windows. And I used the white vinyl tape that the boat wrap people use. Kept the water out of the boat for a few months. There was sticky residue left behind, but it was on the boat for several months.
  11. when i bought mine I looked at storage fees as a necessary evil. the cost of a hobby. I was going to buy a boat and whether I bought a boat that needed work, or was more turn key, the storage fee was a fixed cost. IE its not going away. the dilemma was how much time was i going to spend on the hard. For me the less the better
  12. 6:28 pm on 30 April 2021 As an Indonesian navy submarine crewed by 53 men glided below the surface of the Bali Sea during a routine training exercise, it may have been hit by an invisible but powerful force that dragged them to the deep. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/world/441531/indonesia-submarine-sinking-internal-wave-likely-to-blame-experts
  13. ankrii, I'm going through this process on an 88 moody 376 do a search for moody 376 my thread will pop up I have spent every weekend(more or less) since late august working on the boat, plus hours in my shop at home after work. Some weekend where more productive than others... some weekends I had extra help, sometimes not. Thankfully those weekends were over the winter so I didn't loose any sailing time, but I did have to wait for favorable weather on more than one occasion to do painting, epoxy, ect. so I always had multiple projects going on at the same time. so if I ran into
  14. Bg. As past commodore if our small boat club and manager of quite a few events, including a nationals. Totally get the frustrations. The email seems ok to me except for the last paragraph. sound like he sent it off before reaching out to the rc to get their side of the story .... not very many people want to be in charge, and even more are willing to let the wrong person do the job, lest they get volunteered. And of those, many are willing to armchair qb and complain, but not help solve the problem. In golf, People complain about the condition of the greens, lous
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