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  1. Thanks for the grade school lesson. However We had interviewed and gotten quotes from both local and larger installers. Was not a simple cut/dry window install. Hd had done some complicated window work in the hood and had positive reviews from the neighbor, and I saw the work they had done first hand, they were not the cheapest option. A local contractor ended up doing the work, as they were hired by hd, and the local contractor is the one who fucked up the initial measurement and the ensuing install. I do have a call in to have a 3rd party come look at the windows and provide me
  2. Well yeah. Kinda. And I hate to be that person. I’ve been nice, I’ve been understanding, but I’ve had enough. Time to write a letter. A phone call doesn't do shit since there’s no documentation. In short I’m nearly 12 months from the start of a small project. Project was not completed to normal building practices. And hd’s own managers admit (in writing) that the project was botched. We’ve been back and forth and now they’ve gone silent for nearly 30 days. Ive got the home services head guys name/ address at corporate, but I was hoping to find a name at the regional level
  3. ok here we go... went to boat put the main back on and raised it, cinched up the LJ tight and then dropped the main. and did a flake in cm Lazy Jack 4 A- 66 B-188 C-112 D-61 E 457 F-61 s-1.2 s1-0.6 G -30 H- 43 FWIW I did watch the sail right video again. according to their calcs my panels are going to be 120cm tall at the mast, 58 cm at the aft end their plans have the mast cover section as a zip-on-off cover. that being said. once I laid their measurements over my piece of sunbrella (in cad) and flip th
  4. roof is petty short. hang it off the side between the mirror and the A pillar. sticking out like a lance.
  5. Hey folks, Does anyone know anything about the Home Depot corporate structure? Specifically I'm looking for mid atlantic region. Someone in the VP range or someone in charge of their Home Services division. I'm likely to have a letter that I have to deliver in a week or so, and I'd love to be able to address it to a person such that it doesn't get shoveled around the mail room until it finds a home.
  6. small mid size trucks now aren't so small. the 2022 ranger has the same load capacity, greater HP, better performance and is larger than a 2000 f150....
  7. ford ranger.. but $36K on up in the Dc area thinking about the mav, might as well spend the coin on a fully enclosed SUV. 4' bed really isn't that beneficial. at least with a similar sized SUV you can haul something long inside with no "pass through" option on the maverick, hauling a whisker pole will be a challenge.
  8. Girls_FAIL-06_14_21-GIF-20-boat_engine.mp4 Dumb-10_29_21-GIF-05-Girl_boat_jump-Awesome.mp4 Boat-FAIL-GIF-26-tow_nice_car.mp4 Not-see-12_27_21-GIF-17-boat_girl-fall.mp4
  9. these possibly belong here Boat-FAIL-GIF-27-rev_water.mp4 NOT_see_coming-09_18_19-GIF-20-girls_boat-3-awesome.mp4 Boat-FAIL-GIF-15-capsize-big-waves.mp4
  10. is that still considered doggy style?
  11. Kinda like calling a Honda Ridgeline a pick up. The maverick also come with a hybrid driveline. And can be had for well under 30k. I’ve been eyeballing it, as a potential for a new vehicle....
  12. If he can’t find holding and water tanks. A couple a milk bags might be just as elusive
  13. never seen a pick up truck with front wheel drive before...
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