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  1. I would flee probably flee the country and move to the United States of New England, unless of course Pennsylvania was part of the United States of New England, in which case I would have left the country by staying home.
  2. I think it makes sense to include child care as critical infrastructure. As we have seen over the last year, it is just as important as roads and bridges in enabling two earner households to function, and our economy depends on two earner households. While folks like to point at unemployment benefits as the reason there are so many unfilled jobs, I expect that lack of childcare is the bigger reason, at least in many places. Infrastructure is not necessarily limited to physical structures.
  3. Perfect, so there is no special license needed to tell a lie, but you do need one and need to post a 1,000,000.00 bond in order to point out lies. What could go wrong.
  4. On fox news, Dems steal elections and enslave people, in the far right news they eat babies too.
  5. Again, until we see an actual lawsuit filed, it is only speculation as to it's merits. You can imagine all you want, but that is all there is at this point. The article in the OP does imply the intention to sue states, not the utilities. If that is correct, that is very stupid and immoral. Contracts are contracts, and both parties should fully understand the potential risks and rewards before entering into them. If a contract is broken, then the courts are the right place to settle it, and without the govt subsidizing one party over another. If your claim is that the courts are biased aga
  6. If it is a real crisis that requires price controls, then I think there needs to be corresponding purchase controls on how much one can buy. Without that, it becomes an absurd mess. I don't think this is a real crisis, so allowing the price to run to whatever the market will bear seems fine to me.
  7. As far as I can tell, this is just a fund for lawsuits. The lawsuits have not yet been filed. If there is no suit filed, it is awfully hard to comment on the merits of it. The article in the OP implied the lawsuits are expected to be directed at other states, presumably for legislation that restricts or discourages burning coal. Suing another state for protecting it's citizens' health seems like a losing proposition in addition to being immoral. I think the legislators who passed the law which created the fund know that it will do nothing to prevent the coal industry from collapsing, but have
  8. Agreed, but that only pushes them out of view. It does not reduce substantially reduce the threat.
  9. No doubt, but in all seriousness I think we need to completely re-evaluate what national defense looks like. As we can see over the last several years, our biggest threats to national security are coming across telco lines and satellites. The large standing armies are costly, unneeded, and consume resources we should be using to beef up cyber security. Plus, with all these fascists running around, a large military can pose a national security threat itself. I am not anti military, my son was in the Navy for a number of years, but there is a growing hard right element which is quite comfor
  10. Might be a good time to seriously think about reducing the size of the military.
  11. Their population is equivalent to Staten Island, the NYC borough everyone loves to hate. That lawsuit money is beyond stupid, it is just showboating that they are sticking it to states that are accepting of progress.
  12. LenP


    Add comedian to the list, forgot about that one.
  13. LenP


    I most certainly do not have training to connect cancers to causes. I do have the training to connect bullshitters to bullshit.
  14. Heh. I suppose if they were still getting steady pay they may not have resorted to this particular hack to keep the lights on.
  15. LenP


    You forgot journalist and ecologist.
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