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  1. I feel bad for you, that you carry enouhh anger that you would tell a father his dead daughter is a worthless dope head. I mean that sincerely even knowing it may come across as condescending. Anger is destructive to yourself and those around you.
  2. We have tried the path of ignorance many times in the past. We used to blame cancer patients for their diagnosis, we used to blame mothers for their children's autism, we used to think some races were superior to others. Inevitably, history and life itself is unkind to those who pursue ignorance as a solution to problems we don't fully understand.
  3. Maybe, but i would be concerned that sets up a slippery slope argument, and one that would be difficult to defend against.
  4. It is more difficult to overdose in prison, and while there were always very difficult and mixed emotions, at the points where my daughter was in prison, there was at least some sense of temporary relief that she was somewhat safer at least for a short time. The problems with prison are many, but the big ones are that it is by temporary, expensive, and does nothing to treat the underlying issues, so when someone is released the cycle nearly always repeats.
  5. I have heard that trials are being done with that as well. Trials within the US using psilocybin and LSD have a real challenge getting FDA approval, whereas ketamine is not a schedule 1 drug and carries less political baggage. Ultimately, it would be best if the govt could get past the politics of it and let the doctors and scientists try to solve the problem. My understanding is the common trait among pharmaceutical treatments that seem to work is temporary suppression of the default mode network, which is where our ego (and neurosis) live. Ketamine does this as well, which is why it can crea
  6. I believe it is a medical issue, and should be treated as such. Putting time limits on it would be legislating medicine and counterproductive. Given the current treatments, short term would almost never work. The changes to an addicts brain are too dramatic to address in 30 days, 2 years seems to be a point where things can turn around. There are other treatments being researched, the most promising involve psychedelics such as psilocybin and LSD. It may seem counter intuitive to use what is currently an illicit drug for such treatment, however that was one main area of study in the use
  7. My apologies. Given the context, speculating on an exaggeration in your post was insensitive. I am glad that your daughter is still with you.
  8. She did the right thing. I doubt anyone has accomplished such a feat since.
  9. We may have to wait a bit to see how it plays out, he is busy with his sock over in Corona Anarchy now.
  10. Betting pool? Add options for "ignores thread and hopes everyone forgets" and "tries to distract with a lengthy post not even tangentially related (ie, How would you know anything about it when you don't recognize the possibility of sailing dead down wind faster than the wind........)"
  11. Good grief, I hope he intend the description of a 100mph cab ride through midtown as hyperbole. Unless streets are blocked for a movie shoot, there is no way that anyone is going 100mph in Manhattan. On most days you would be lucky to see 30mph, often you don't see the speedo pass 10. It once took me an hour (not hyperbole) to circle the block to get to get to the valet at my hotel, and on the same trip it took two hours to go the mile and a half from the hotel to the midtown tunnel. The next 75 miles through Jersey and into PA took just over an hour. Even with a comparatively empty city, due
  12. I think it more likely that they simply were afraid of DC gun laws.
  13. I tend to vote Dem in most elections, but agree on the whole taker state thing. It is much more complex to sort out something like that, and the complex sorting is never done when making these lists. Mitt Romney was, rightly I think, called out for labeling people as takers when they collect Social Security or are collecting a govt paycheck. It is just as wrong to label a state as a taker state because people who collect Social Security or a govt paycheck happen to live there.
  14. I have never listened to Dr Drew, but on this point I would agree, but as D'Ranger points out, it is a national issue not local. There is no mechanism to commit someone unless there is an imminent threat, that largely limits involuntary commitments to 72 hours. Nothing can be done in 72 hours which will have any impact, so the cycle just repeats. Many folks who become addicted and homeless have underlying mental health issues and self medicate with drugs, which then can lead to addiction problems on top of the mental health issues. Between the mental health issues and addiction, they simply ha
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