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  1. Yeah you can measure it however it makes you feel better in whatever breeze and angle. Still not much use having a faster boat if you are often going across the finish line second.
  2. Fastest boat? Is that the boat that accelerates fastest? Tacks better? Gybes better? Does a upwind and downwind lap? A full race elapsed time? Because three of the six races LR has had a faster elapsed time and three races NZ has been superior. No one will care about the rest once a team has 7 wins. So the only thing that matters is the elapsed time. Period. Team NZ designed a sim boat crushing lap times. Italy designed and adapted a match racing boat for guess what, a match race. So fuck off with all the my boat is better than yours even though we don'
  3. Let's see if Tina can pull off the world's biggest flip flop and dishoner the people of NZ and the sacrifice they have made so the cup can be held. And will she take a giant dump on the viaduct and race village when they cannot be open or even at capacity. I feel a massive contradiction coming on to suit her own agenda now. Your ball ACE. Let's see who has honor now....
  4. Your first four were horseshit mate so don't bother. Try concentrate on staying calm.
  5. Four reasons why this post is worst than the other post complaining about LR two days ago from the same guy. What a loser. Even for this place.
  6. Well said. Totally agree. You can sort of tell she is out of her depth and has got completely carried away. For sure someone has lit a fire under her skirt and egged her on knowing full well she can be made a scapegoat and thrown to the curb if it's goes bad. Which it is. She is a supposed "expert in PR". Fuck me I wouldnt hire her to run a lemonade stand. Even if they disagree COR look much more classy and professional and choose their words carefully and eloquently and she is just flinging insults and shit like a teenage schoolgirl on the bus ride home.
  7. Remember when there was a typhoon in Japan at the last Rugby world cup? One of the games affected was All Blacks vs Italy. The Italians desparately wanted to play, even without a crowd. The players were in tears when the call was made to abandon the match and award a point each for a draw. You want to know why? The All Blacks decided it was better for their players not to risk injury in a game that wasn't crucial to advance. They told the organisers they were not going to support any effort to reschedule the match or move to another venue in Japan. All seems very similar. Italians just want to
  8. This has to be one of the most hysterical irrational posts on any internet forum. How can it escalate? The defenders yacht club (RNZYS) is holding weekly sailing series tomorrow. Auckland has gone down to alert level two which allows the racing especially with the pre arranged protocols put in place for exactly this situation that they all expected had a high chance of occurring. The COR is happy to proceed and it's their series to run. Expect to see racing resume on Friday when everyone realises its inevitable. Nice job by the Kiwis and INEOS to have a crack at saving thei
  9. Look. It's as simple as this. It's super light these next few days in Auckland. ETNZ and INEOS obviously have a agenda and don't want to have racing proceed in the conditions that don't suit INEOS. SIMPLE. AS. THAT. The Royal NZ Yacht Squadren are open tomorrow and are having Elliot 7 series racing. Yet the AC team that represents them are claiming it's not possible suddenly. Even with a pre agreed raised covid alert protocol. It's not about the Covid. It's the wind and a £200 million campaign which would love to be the next COR. Wake up people.
  10. Man you have lost it, LR wanted access to use course B and C for the Prada Cup not just the AC. Without that racing in the stadium this far it would of been pretty average. Their argument was lost on people with lower intellect like yourself who believe all the ETNZ hype that it was use it all the time or none of the time. Easy decision. Walah! Harbourmaster changed his mind. And yet you still can't figure it out. Dumb cunt.
  11. This is the truth! ETNZ use aggressive media comments to attack. It's been their go to move for a few campaigns. They have a couple friendly journos that the give a quick call before dropping a very biased slanderous press release. It's not very classy, it's low-ball bottom feeding.
  12. So is having unlimited budget. How much did they get from INEOS? Stop making embarrassing excuses, in the round robin you were not saying that.
  13. One thing for sure the commentators Shirley, Steven and Ken from worst to most honest or straight talking are so one eyed against LR it's hard to listen to. When Ken said hang on AM haven't won one single race yet, then Steve said well until today neither had LR because AM didn't finish inside the time limit once and capsized the second time... And they all agreed!!?? Lemons! Get em off. Even Nathan had to eat his words from before the start when he mentioned LR looked slow in pre start practice and AM were visibly quicker.....
  14. I think its not a option to choose not to race as it would open you up to being protested and kicked out of the Prada Cup. Will be interesting to see how that affects AM. Rules say you have to start every race. Otherwise people wouldn't choose to not participate in the pre regattas that didn't end up happening.
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