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  1. Here is what I did to watch the racing (in the USA), and what I plan to do today and tomorrow and Saturday.... I have an Amazon Fire Stick. I downloaded the ExpressVPN app and made an account. (you get a week free) In the VPN app, I took my TV virtually to the beautiful snowy alps of Switzerland I opened up YouTube app on the firestick and searched for PRADA America's Cup day 1 It played on my big TV and everyone (except my wife and daughter who wanted to watch the Amazing Race finale) was happy!
  2. That's what I am thinking. I just have to make sure my meetings in Liechtenstein are over in time for me to get to the event before the boat leaves the dock on the first day. Apparently there is some type of overnight ferry to the island.
  3. I will be at the event and I am hemming and hawing if I want to pay for the non-refundable boat package and what day. If the whole thing is a train wreck and all the boats break when being forced to make maneuvers due to course/other boat, then day 1 would be best. If they take a bit to figure out how to race each other and the boats don't break, then day 3 or 4 would be best.. any thoughts?
  4. Yeah, I was thinking of it as supply of boats and no demand to go sailing, instead of demand for crew and no supply of sailors. your way makes more sense.
  5. This seems like a supply/demand type of scenario, and for the most part in the US, there is way more supply than demand. it's hard getting 12-14 consistent crew for races in the midwest offering all the food and booze they could ever want. Most big boat programs have to entice their crew with full kits of logo'd gear and fancy lodging/meals for distance races. Most medium boat programs have to entice their crew with shirts and promise of new sails and/or better drivers/trimmers. Everyone usually brings beer, but that is more of a general thing Wisconsin folk do, not really a sailing speci
  6. Has anyone been on the "boat" lately? is it on a webcam view? do I need to read through all of the other 81 pages?
  7. I would also like to use this forum to get to 25 posts.
  8. I thought the whole boat is junk? I've seen worse, but never on such grand of scale. I think a live youtube feed of the maiden voyage is in order. someone should do a kickstarter to fund it.
  9. I'm just glad that it took the biting of another man's finger for me to find out about this story! I am already comparing prices of lumber and checking craigslist for free scraps. My plan is to sail around the world. I have probably looked at 11,000 boats, so I should be good. Also, I plan on lining the hull with actual glass, instead of the crappy flexible fiber type of glass. Lastly, can we get pics more pics of the boat posted? maybe with pics of the people on the boat, to see if they are frowning?
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