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  1. Low brow German mass-tourism. “Mein Schiff” brand ships are a dumbed down version of the „Aida“ brand ships which are a dumbed down version of the “Costa NNN” brand ships which are a dumbed down version of real cruise ships. The oceans would be a better place without them. Edit: Well ok, except for that rescue.
  2. They should check the lifelines for urine stains.
  3. Photographed with my iPhone. Does that make me the one kid of person or the other one?
  4. Oh man! It’s only November and all that’s up on SA is 27 Snaggletooth threads and the usual bunch of shitfighting Australians. Don’t get me wrong Snags, I am your fan, but do we really have to wait until April for something sailing related going on here?
  5. I think we got your point, Gouv.
  6. Damage control? I think a subs snorkel would go through 40mm of GRP without the crew even noticing (or admitting they noticed). Remember that incident with the Japanese trawler? That was steel IIRC.
  7. 10thTonner


    …which means a stretch of about ___ mm per 1 m, regardless of diameter. I always forget the number but you can google it.
  8. I hate submarines and I always feel uneasy sailing near one because I know they have the habit of popping up from underneath you and poking a hole in your hull with their snorkel, then dive away again and let you sink because everything they do is so super top secret that they just cannot help you, sorry sir.
  9. This. And the spar that poles out the sail is waaaay too thin for its job. (Or is it carbon?)
  10. Snags is an experimental crossbreed between an artificial intelligence and a spellchecker that somehow escaped from the lab at Microsoft and is now living in the SA servers.
  11. Pretty much the same way one collides with an island?
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