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  1. The Dragon class solved that problem by making the rudder about as big as the keel.
  2. Have you ever sailed one? I casually raced a J/70 that was owned by my club. Not a bad little boat, but has some flaws that can’t be dealt with because it’s OD. You cannot get rid of the winches for example, or rig some proper hiking straps instead of the awful gut cutters. Main halyard setup is a joke, dacron sails are done after one season. OTOH they sail very well… balanced, responsive, a joy to steer, nicely planing on a reach, still relatively good upwind. At the end of the day: I wouldn’t buy one. Not because they’re bad boats but because they are waaaaaaaay too expensive for what they o
  3. What is a “club” 420? My uncle bought a cheap, battered 420 for my cousin and me about 1980. It had a wooden mast and boom and I think these were original… (We broke it when turtling on a remote lake in Sweden but that is a whole different story.)
  4. And a free press. Unthinkable in China. Numbers about corruption (or just anything) in totalitarian regimes are very difficult to verify because they are produced by a corrupt government themselves with no possibility to cross-check.
  5. Maybe it is the sound of a generator or (my guess) the constant “dum-dum-dum” of some autopilot motors that triggered something in them. That may also explain why they seem to be especially attracted by the rudders… have all of the boats used autopilots? Since they were cruisers on the open ocean I think they have.
  6. Yup, German open starting today.
  7. Hey, the PO didn’t tell us she was pregnant. But look what we found next to her yesterday:
  8. What a fascinating time it was! A boat 34 feet long and displacing 3300 Kg measured „below 24,5 feet" and was thus called a „3/4 Tonner“. ... All clear?
  9. Ok, original poster got a little too excited here… But for comparison: how do you call somebody who deliberately lives in a dictatorship, profits from that dictatorship, permanently downplays the crimes of that dictatorship, and - like almost everybody who does so - describes himself as “unpolitical” ? There’s an Australian word for such people I think.
  10. It’ll be Berlin inshore only this season. I have a vague hope of doing the Kiel week welcome race next year but, honestly, 2023 seems more realistic…
  11. Langø 10 Meter (LOA 9.96 / width 2.08 !) Only 10 ever built.
  12. They’re usually too slim at the back to really plane. Semi-planing on a beam reach at best…
  13. Aaah, the slim Scandinavians! Hey, I am in love! Just bought a “Langø 10 Meter” which is kind of a BB-10 clone from 1990. It is even slimmer, the appendages a little modernised, and the interior a little retro-ised with teak everywhere. She has a little loo, a little cooker, and standing headroom - for a bottle of rum. Oh, and a big rig… a big fat inshore rig! HARR HARR ! ! ! I am currently exploring every inch of the ship and slowly learn to sail her to her potential. That’s so exciting!
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