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  1. There seems to be an agreement here in SA that teak decks are The Evil. And indeed there are dozens of very reasonable reasons against them. But since when has sailing, or boat owning anything to do with reason? Me, I just find teak decks beautiful. I like the looks, I admire the craftsmanship, and I love the feeling of standing barefeet on a teak deck in the sun, especially when it is covered by a thin layer of dried salt. Above a certain length, say about eight meters, a yacht just looks incomplete without them. Now flame away.
  2. It is true that fiddling with all these lines doesn’t make a Dragon go any faster. But use just one of them in the wrong way and you’ll lose your rig.
  3. Does the mast come down during winter? Or is it a full year in the water boat? What climate? What wood? Full or hollow? What kind of paint or varnish is on the mast now?
  4. Oh, the car is a Citroen I think. French, hard-chined, and made of aluminium and GRP. My father had one in a light "garbage-bag blue" with grey velvet seats. Tres chic!
  5. We sailed from the Canaries to the Caribbean on a big, old, heavy displacement ketch. Then days dead downwind. We had: no mizzen, a reef In the main (strong preventer), and the Genoa poled out wing-on-wing with the spin pole, secured by one upfucker and two downfuckers - one forward, one aft. We then rigged a big Yankee free flying opposite the Genoa (behind the main). So with pretty much most of the sail area far forward, we had excellent course stability (easy on the autopilot/batteries), but rolled like a log. It also took about an hour to gybe, but we only gybed twice in ten days so that w
  6. Exactly. If you just use enough of the stuff, you won’t end up with a new reef, but with a new lake. Think big!
  7. Wasn’t this one of Edward Tellers more crazy ideas (even for his standards) - do create a second Panama Canal by detonating a chain of H-bombs?
  8. I can think of another one but that would require explosives...
  9. Is that an Anglo-American thing? That last time a boat was given a flag for winning a race over here must have been at Kiel week 1899 or so...
  10. I’ve read somewhere that you can ask anybody - bums under a bridge or billionaires in a snotty YC, and everybody will tell you in all earnestness they are middle class. ... that is because they are - within their peer groups.
  11. Not that personal. In the old forum, we’ve already zoomed it in to iPhones in portrait mode, no matter what browser (I had it on a 6s and an SE, Firefox or Safari). It goes away if you rotate your phone. Thought it would be solved with the upgrade but it didn’t.
  12. A distorted photo, just like in the old forum.
  13. I guess if you imported one hull to Europe that would raise numbers here by 100%.
  14. ^ this. And the fact that it’s usable wind range might be between 9.1 and 9.7 knots. In flat water.
  15. “What is it” photos still distorted on an iPhone. Anyway. Thanks for a free, fun forum!
  16. Yo bet! https://youtu.be/dUwzqTvJUio
  17. (Hand sanding special.)
  18. (Sings:) Flintstones... meet the Flintstones...
  19. ^this. A relative of mine needed more than one year, but she’s pretty ok now.
  20. Is it really that much better than Sikaflex?
  21. COME IN SIT DOWN! WOULD YOU LIKE A WHISKEY? Err, it’s ten in the morning, Sir! OH, EXCUSE ME! ...GIN ? (“Spy”, episode 1)
  22. We need a bigger boat!
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