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  1. Get one that fits your size. All manufacturers will tell you their boats are sooooo easy to power and depower that everybody can sail them, even successfully race them, between 45 and 145 Kg body weight. Bullshit! Every dinghy has its sweet spot regarding crew weight, height, and fitness. Ask people who actually sail them. Even if you don’t race, a boat that fits you will be safer and more fun.
  2. One boat is a cuise, two boats (within sight of each other) is a regatta. No exceptions, it's a law of nature.
  3. ^ this. And you will be surprised how far you can trim the main in before the telltales stall. So the angle of the main in the picture might be just ok (can’t tell without telltales). However, it looks way too flat for the course and conditions. I’d ease the Cunningham and outhaul and, if possible, the headstay. Maybe the vang a little, too.
  4. Ha! People keep complaining about the Sydney-Hobart coverage, but wtf is THIS?
  5. Ok, seriously. Let’s just wait that one year how things turn out. Then, if necessary, some of the regulars might get in contact via PM / email and discuss… things.
  6. Without the „rig“ she looks like a suppository.
  7. Do you really need 6:1? I have 2:1 and lead the outhaul to a winch.
  8. It’s true! Beta was technically superior. „Mismanaged“ = didn’t license to porn industry. Philips weren’t that scrupulous. The rest, as they say, …
  9. ‘Right’ and ‘left’ as seen from the cloud’s moving direction. Not from your boat. But that’s not the point. The most action usually is at the edge of any cloud. If it rains - wind comes out from under it. If it doesn’t, wind goes in. Adds these effects to the wind that is already there. So if you are sailing downwind and a raining cloud is coming up from behind, put yourself in front it. As the first squall hits, steer to one side and stay at the lateral edge of the cloud while it overtakes you. (The wind will veer a bit away from the cloud. Stay at the edge and adjust your sails
  10. Snapped a few ones @ the club today. Sorry for the reflections. Otto Protzen, ca 1910.
  11. Brilliant - one rudder right at the vertical turning axis, the other one so small, you couldn’t tack an Oppie with it.
  12. Why didn’t they just say a media helicopter fried their radio?
  13. There are more ways of lifting a hull out of the water than ground effect. What about tilting the rig to windward - like a big, robot controlled windsurfer? All that has to remain in the water would be a daggerboard and the rudder.
  14. … You and Clean did a management buyout?
  15. After six or so days away from land, right in the middle of the Atlantic, guy crawls out of the companionway, mug-o-coffee in hand, takes a look around and grunts: “Aaah - here we are!”
  16. Fuck of course it is!!! Has been for centuries before the advent of TV. (Seriously, I vaguely remember a case where an Italian dinghy sailor girl got caught by a paparazzi while peeing over the stern. She sued and the photographer was fined, not her. THATS the way things work over here and we pretty much like it that way.)
  17. Thank you Scot for the insights, the fun and the craziness! It was heartwarming to know that there are so many other sailing freaks, geeks and lunatics like me all over the world. So goodbye, and thanks for all the tits!
  18. My mother lives near a small lake in Berlin with lots of small islands. On one of these islands lived a guy wih his tetraplegic, respirator-dependent wife. Year in - year out he commuted for himself and the nurses by a small (say two-seater) hovercraft pretty much like this one. The only times he did not use the HC was when his wife had a severe medical problem and the SAR helicopter flew her out to the next hospital. Yes, it was fucking noisy all the time but somehow none of the neigbours ever complained.
  19. That may even make sense if you commute over a lake or river that freezes in winter and has thin ice in spring and fall. Not sure about the benefit of that Bimini top here though.
  20. Some classes (or formulas) measure main roach and jib overlap, some don’t. You should find it in the class rules. I’d think sailmakers always measure it, because they buy and pay their sailcloth by the square meter (or foot).
  21. I think if you can lead it around the brake/shift levers of a road bikes handlebar, it should go around the spokes of a typical wheel easily. Joining the rolls, however… yea, there will be a lump where the tape is doubled.
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