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  1. Ok, I know that firmware is everywhere. But firmware is, y’know, firm. What I did not want was a motor that would get bricked because of a software update problem. What I did not want was a motor that wouldn’t operate, but put out an alphanumeric error message, and then you’d have to look up that code of random numbers in a handbook (or online on your phone) and it would translate to “maybe a plug isn’t plugged in.” Happened to a friend of mine with a 2000€ Torqueedo. Fick that! @Voiled: Haswing Protuar 1.0
  2. Hey, I am as patriotic about technology as the next German but too much is too much! When I was shopping for an electric outboard one of my key criteria was NOT DEPENDING ON SOFTWARE so Torqueedo was out. I ended up with a - you guessed it - Chinese one that is as light, small, and primitive as possible. Love it so far and when it goes kaputt I can replace it with two new ones and will still have payed less than for a Torqueedo.
  3. I’ve never understood the hype about Hanse nor the hype about Torqueedo.
  4. It’s worse for me. My Maui Jim Akoni somehow found a new owner and exactly that model isnt produced anymore. I even thought about locating a lightly used one or new old stock on eBay but had to find out they’ve become some kind of f&xking collectors item!
  5. Sorry for the hijack but… I am going to replace all through- hulls and valves on my boat this year. What’s the rap on these TrueDesign plastic parts? Are they better or worse than bronze? (Boat was built 1990. Baltic salt water until 2002, then freshwater lake. Massive laminate under water.)
  6. My old wooden dinghy had nice circular holes in the floorboards, about 10cm in diameter, to reach the bailers right besides the centerboard trunk. I don’t think it spoiled the classic look. I only know transom flaps from old 420s and 470s. They were much bigger than those in the photos, closed with bungee cords. We were told by our trainers to only open them when getting towed in by a motorboat after a full capsize. For every day use, these boats also had “normal” bailers in the bottom.
  7. I wanted 12V to feed the little outboard and all the other stuff (lights, depth, speedo) from one battery. The guys that sold me my motor said that 500W or 50A is about the upper limit for a 12V system. 500W is not much thrust, and if you need extension cables, better take the fat 35mm^2 ones. If you want a push comparable to a combustion engine, better go 48V and call it a day.
  8. Well, you’re sailing a motorboat already so the difference would be negligible, ay?
  9. I just did it the other way around: gave the old VC offshore a light sanding, touched up thin spots with VC tar2, then did the whole boat two times with VC 17m. No problem so far. (Note however I am in Europe and the ingredients of all hat VC stuff may differ from the US versions even if the names on the cans are the same.)
  10. They also missed the part where the little spring goes „sproing!“ and flies off to somewhere you’ll never find it again.
  11. In my club, you are expected to sail in and out of your slip. (It’s on an inland lake and most boats are under ten meters, though.)
  12. A few weeks ago I emailed JohnMast in Denmark about a rig they built in 1990. I took a while but they identified the spreader profile, still had it in stock, and sold it to me for a reasonable price.
  13. You could rig the vang to a semi-circular track on the deck like the Starboats do it, but I don’t know if that is scalable to the size of your rig.
  14. The BB 10 has a sliding sink and it’s a design from the 1970s. Still built today.
  15. This is going to be the worst comeback since Michael fucking Jackson!
  16. Classy! One fleet over here has a pretty standard silver cup… with handles made of the teeth of a wild boar.
  17. When I tell you to fuck off, what do you do? - Err… eff off? You’ll make it far. Now fuck off!
  18. A second hand outboard that you don’t use for a long time and then rely upon to start in an emergency… dunno, man! Me, I think I’d rather spend the money on a good, professional servicing of the inboard.
  19. Yes, it taught us that appeasement doesn’t work.
  20. When the cover is just so much better than the original...
  21. Oh don’t worry - there are enough „Ever“ ships left… Panama anyone?
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