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  1. When my club was planning to rebuild all docks (a > 1M Euro project btw) I voted for a metal grid floor where the shit from the doves and ducks would just fall through. Well, the majority wanted posh wooden catwalks and I have to admit they that looked absolutely marvellous… until the first bird shat on them.
  2. ^this. When we moved into our house, I’ve had a like-new electric ceran top ripped out and replaced by dour proper gas burners. We kept the electric I’ve though.
  3. And they were expecting the seals to shit into the buckets?
  4. I commute by bike down to minus 7 Celsius or so. The problem is not keeping my body warm but my hands, face, and ears. Below 3 degrees, I am wearing a tube scarf over my face or one of those neoprene face masks the snowboarders and freeskiers use. Still better than scraping the ice from my car windows.
  5. Many sailors call theirs “Otto”, no? (Second name “Pilot” of course.) My Dad used the generic name “Iron Gustaf” for all APs.
  6. Yea, right! I also heard that talk so I thought I could eat all I wanted at sea. Arrived at the other side of the Atlantic 2 kg heavier. Constant bracing my ass!
  7. If you break into my house again I will have you killed.
  8. Had I known how seriously you are into the topic I wouldn’t have answered with such a short joke. Yes, tough decision. But aren’t there better / more modern drugs than phenothiazines now? (As an internist I usually have to deal with the somatic part of the equation.)
  9. It was a wonder drug until it became clear that it fries your kidneys.
  10. You can get 17m and 17offshore in the EU, but not 17m “extra”. They (m and offshore) are interchangeable with a light 240er sanding in between.
  11. Problem is he is fully in control of filming, editing and publishing. So chances are there will be a spectacular capsize (or mast breakage) but we won’t see it.
  12. Cool, I sail there all summer but I’ve never seen it that way. (This is 45 min from the center of Berlin. On a typical summer day you can cross the river Havel here by foot, hopping from boat to boat.)
  13. You will not find any helpful answer here. Because… Every question, every answer, ever comment, or every whatever about shoes on the internet sucks. And y‘know why? - because no human foot is the same. You have to try em on and see if they fit. Everything else is just… somethings else. I could go on and on about which sailing shoes I like or do not like and why, but I won’t because it’s all about how your feet will feel in them.
  14. First world problems, eh? How about taking a big drill and widening the center one so far that it doesn’t have any contact at all? Then it’s still there but only for decorative purposes. Another idea would de filling the holes with… screws! Nobody would know they don’t serve any other purpose than covering these holes.
  15. Dragons do not allow proper hiking straps today. That’s why you see some very strange looking handles for the bilge pumps and oddly placed struts and useless „trim“ lines in their cockpits… Solings,OTOH, their hiking gear looks like something out of an bondage-and-discipline outfitter.
  16. About rigging: Avoid running backstays and big, overlapping genoas. A self-tacking jib on a roller furler would be nice, but most boats have either one or the other. Lazyjacks are a plus but can be retrofitted relatively easily. Travellers… it depends on your sailing style. I personally could not sail without one but yes, it is always in the way when moving to and from the tiller (which you will be doing a lot). OTOH, when you meet the boat you fall in love with and it has nothing of the above: do it anyway!
  17. Thats not a proper watch. This is a proper watch!
  18. ^ this I never understood the fascination with square riggers, especially not the old ones with the pisspot-shaped hulls. I mean you don’t sail these things in a closer sense of the word - you step on them and you get blown to leeward +/- a few degrees… if you are lucky.
  19. One of the many minor rules for safety onboard: Nobody touches any PFD or harness that isn’t his / hers. If somebody hung his where it is in the way you don’t move it. You call the fucker, if necessary wake him, and you have him take it away but you don’t fucking move it!
  20. Where are they now? Turkey? Italy? Any contact to their parents? (I don’t do Facebook, sorry!) If you don’t want to post here, PM me!
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