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  1. Shape and colour scheme reminds me of German inshore waterpolice boats.
  2. Here's another picture of her sailing in 1955.
  3. I'm told it is. However, these things are as expensive as they look and only a national class. So you'll meet the same ten or twenty people at every regatta. If I had the money and time I'd probably go in the 5O5 or FD direction... or try a skiff.
  4. Aaah, rather not. Pirates are gemütlich hard chined, one design youth dinghies... 5 meter LOA my dear! The "H" is for grown up men! Its box-rule (6,20m LOA, 15m2 sail area...) has evolved over the decades. Modern ones are sporting 30m2 masthead spinnakers and play in one league with FD's and 505's.
  5. Thanks! ...And no, Curry usually sailed the more radical 20m2 "Z" Dinghy (more sail area, less hull with, less freeboard, thinner planks...). The 15m2 "H" Class was originally invented as a cheaper and more robust "cruising version". (For example the "H" rule demanded a minimum plank thickness of 10mm. That is one of the reasons so many hulls survived until today.) The boats were a pain to cruise in and the class didn't take off until people realised they could also race them for about one third the price of a "Z". That is why my 1935 boat has its "hight tech racing" rig, it loks like copied
  6. Ah ok! Then it is really a Gunter because the gaff is raised exactly like in definition #1. "1. The gunter is defined as a wire that leads from one point near the end of a gaff to a point near the other end. A block travels along this wire, and a halyard is attached to this block. This allows the gaff to be raised to the vertical by a single halyard, though another halyard is required at the gaff jaws to control height." Let me just add that these sentences in no way cover the complexity of the beast.
  7. Thanks! I thought a Gunter is some kind of spritsail like in an Optimist? This is a real gaff - there are two halyards for the gaff and a third one that I call the "sail halyard". It raises the sail on the gaff and tensions that part of he luff. The sail then sits in a slot in the boom and a slot in the gaff; it is only laced around the short mast. Raising the jib is comparatively easy. The forestay has a slot in it and you pull up the jib pretty much like a modern triangular mainsail. The roller furler was added in the 1990s by my father. Back in the days the forward hand had to lay on the bo
  8. Ok, here's mine: German 15m2 dinghy ("H-Jolle)". The class goes back to 1921 and is still active today although the boats look a bit different. My pre-war girl is from 1935. Over 90% of all planks (Kaya) and frames (Oak) are original. The deck (okumé ply) is from the 1970s and the centerboard trunk (oak) is from the 1990s. Notice the "Crazy Fritz" pointed-gaff-full-batten-main-fixed-forestay-overlapping-genoa rig! Back in the days that would have been considered conservative - they had genoas of about LP=300%J. Hoisting that main is a pain in the arsch, but once it's up she can
  9. It didn't even get as far as most of these projects get: empty hull and cabin, rusting away.
  10. Black is the new orange. eh? (Sorry, couldn't resist!)
  11. Hehe! Wanna ride? Just google "Venice watertaxi Riva" ! Lots of pictures... I did it last year. The drivers let you stand right behind them if you ask. Fascinating boats. The commute from airport to inner city via grand canal is breathtaking.
  12. The right powerboat for those who already own a Wally, a skerry cruiser, and a wooden twelve.
  13. High initiation fee and relatively low annual costs means you're expected to become member for life. (You plus your kids plus your grandkids who're usually all granted "free" membership on your ticket). For many clubs this model worked for the last 150 years or so but I don't know if it is the right thing for todays economy/society.
  14. Q: What's worse - a stinkpot or a CLK? A: A stinkpot made to look like a CLK.
  15. About 14 times so far, but always good for a laugh. One of the 1000 designs Hotrod looked at.
  16. THANK YOU! Some boats just deserve a dumpster chainsaw party for their final sendoff. Up here in the PNW, we have a much more creative way of dealing with old boats: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94xJdFiJExo Best use for a motorboat I've ever seen.
  17. Reminds me of that old Asterix mag where the Pirates had their ship pulled up the beach and converted it to a "pirate" themed restaurant...
  18. Ohh, i like that. Great looking boat, but the radiused hull to deck "joint" looks kinda slippery. It probably has two MOB buttons on its plotter. It's a lake racer. They're not supposed to sail further out than you could swim back.
  19. (...) Here is a picture of the ugly wave taken during a regatta. The camerman heard the sound, and turned around to take the picture! (..When the wave showed up, I would tell the crew we were going "Morgansonic".) The wave just curls under the quarter for 20, 30, 40 seconds at a time - very loud. (...) A breaking stern wave! ...Now I've seen all!
  20. Alright, listen while I read you the rules ... NO RULES! ... Ok, fight!
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