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  1. Prust! Hahaha! Hätte ich nicht besser sagen können!
  2. My boat isn’t a DeLorean, all good.
  3. Right. Bump! I’ve cleaned the topsides with some standard cleaner. Then did the waterline with this stuff: It contains only 3 to 5 % oxalic acid, but additionally 3 to 5 % phosphoric acid and 1 to 3 % hydrochloric acid! Woop! Woop! Wear full protection! It is a watery liquid. You put it on with a sponge, there is a hissing sound, some foam forms, and the stain is gone in less than one minute. I rinsed it off with lots of water, then did the whole topsides with “Anti-Gilb”, but that didn’t add much to the effect.
  4. "I’d like to point higher and go faster. Any ideas, Hans?" "Yea. I vill let you know tomorrow."
  5. Yes, in many of the bigger anchorages or harbours there’ll be someone who runs a laundry service and the watertaxis (guys with motorboats) will do pick up and delivery. They’ll also bring you and your grocery to your boat, deliver ice cubes, or give you a tow. Just ask.
  6. The Italians are pretty good at it too. Years and years of experience tracking down mafia money.
  7. When sailing, my clothes usually don’t get that dirty - they get sweaty. I just washed and wrung my shirts and underwear by hand no problem. You can get soap especially for hand washing at camping stores. Oh, and +1 for the watermaker!
  8. I was wondering about that, too.
  9. Afterwards, oxalic acid is your friend.
  10. That was my initial thought when I saw the first picture of it swimming: seems ok for slowly motoring up and down a well-protected river.
  11. Noon is when the sun is highest. Midnight is when it is “lowest”. Period. I absolutely hate it when bureaucrats think they can override laws of nature. Who the fuck do they think they are?
  12. Will the b&w shootings at the „photo gates“ happen with platter cameras, or do they allow modern 6x6 ?
  13. ^this. You can even set it wing-on-wing opposite of the genoa for downwind tradewind sailing. (If you do not mind the rolling .)
  14. You can take anything offshore. It just depends on how much risk you are willing to take and how much you are willing to suffer. I have personally sailed 15er and 20ers (inshore) and you sail them like dinghies: tiller on one hand, mainsheet in the other. How long are you going to do his on a passage? As @Matagi said: a 30er may be nicely suited for coastal cruising or day racing between the estuaries of Elbe, Weser, and Ems. With the right weather forecast, you surely could take one to Helgoland, too, but this isn’t my idea of having fun.
  15. Another modern take on these classes is the JK28. A couple of them have been built and sold and are actually racing. There is one In my club and it’s incredibly fast in almost no wind. (Gets screwed over by German yardstick though). https://www.boatsandstories.com/test_jk-28/
  16. Jollenkreuzer translates “dinghy-cruiser” They all have centreboards by definition. It is an old German box rule / construction class from the 1920s. Typical types are 15sqm, 16sqm (plywood), 20sqm, 25sqm (steel), and 30sqm. They are inshore daysailers or weekenders, the bigger ones are also sailed in the north sea where they can fall dry between the Frisian islands. Many classics are still sailed today. The 20er class, btw, evolved into an ultra-flat high tech kick-ass racing machine with a vey active national scene and new builds every year. This 30er is somewhat i
  17. Only if the Turks let it through.
  18. Russians will never leave the UK, Boris makes a steal laundring their money, so... oh wait! Never mind!
  19. What about filling it with explosives until it barely floats and then sending it on a suicide drone mission to some russian navy harbour in the Black Sea?
  20. I experienced exactly the same. Jacket zipper doesn’t like to start, saloppette zipper no problem at all. It’s a minor nuisance, but concerning the price of that stuff still a nuisance.
  21. Compared to “Ugly Floating Object A” and other Russian dreck, this thing actually looks shipshape and tasteful. A bit big maybe but so what? (I haven’t seen a render of the rig though.)
  22. Why should I waste 14 years of my life building a steel boat? I have a job, a house, a family, a boat that actually sails, and I crossed an ocean on somebody elses boat that also actually sailed. If that makes some non-sailing weirdo with a welding fetish think I have a small one I don't give a fuck.
  23. We thought we had fun actually.
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