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  1. I experienced exactly the same. Jacket zipper doesn’t like to start, saloppette zipper no problem at all. It’s a minor nuisance, but concerning the price of that stuff still a nuisance.
  2. Compared to “Ugly Floating Object A” and other Russian dreck, this thing actually looks shipshape and tasteful. A bit big maybe but so what? (I haven’t seen a render of the rig though.)
  3. Why should I waste 14 years of my life building a steel boat? I have a job, a house, a family, a boat that actually sails, and I crossed an ocean on somebody elses boat that also actually sailed. If that makes some non-sailing weirdo with a welding fetish think I have a small one I don't give a fuck.
  4. We thought we had fun actually.
  5. There’s an old joke here: (holds up three fingers) “Five beers for the guys from the wood shop!”
  6. I crossed the Atlantic on a Swan 65 and then two weeks through the Caribbean. We didn’t have the mizzen up once.
  7. I feel for the guy. He posted stuff that over here would be consiederd reasonable criticism but could cause all hell for him in his own country. Let's hope he is ok! And let's hope the (admittedly weak) anonymity of this site somehow protects him. ...Piro? You ok?
  8. In true SA spirit I should now personally insult you and start an online shitfight, but I just don't feel like it today. I hope you are not disappointed.
  9. Have you tried it? If done right - and this very much depends on the pitperson working the upfucker - the pole will slide / swing forward into its position in two seconds, like the sprit in a sportsboat. (Admittedly, 36 foot boat length may be the upper limit up to where this works. Maybe more with a carbon boom.)
  10. Many smaller keelboats like Soling, Dragon, H-Boat etc carry the spin boom on the main boom. Sometimes in a bag, sometimes in little loops or on brackets. If the spin boom isn’t soo heavy and the bowman and pit work together, setting and dousing it will be faster and smoother than with any other setup. I have it on my slim Scandinavian 33 footer and I like it. Running the downhaul from the mast base: it’s ok, but during the set, when you pull the guy to pop the chute, the spin boom will swing aft, sometimes until it is stopped by the shroud. So the bowman should stay on the bow and h
  11. You bought it without knowing what it is???
  12. What’s a sheep shang / a butterfly knot?
  13. I know what you mean. Its not really ugly but It’s… kind of… motorboatish.
  14. I often use 291i. It comes in “Black“, „White“, or „Brown“.
  15. Just as an example: This winter, I wanted to replace the paddle wheel of my nasa log. Then I discovered that the old one sat in a through-hull that is a little too wide for it. PO had just put two layers of duck tape around the part, sawed two longitudinal slots in the plastic through-hull and squeezed it tight with a hose clamp… one hose clamp! So I had to call the yard to remove that crap, put in a new through-hull and just as we’re at it, change the whole setup from nasa to B&G… So what started as a 100€ DIY job went to north of 1000€ in minutes. And I am lucky that the ya
  16. Welcome to Afghanistan 2.0 motherfuckers!
  17. Friend of mine sails a yellow boat. He’s an urologist. No kidding!
  18. That cannot be ferro - no clipper bow!
  19. I could tell you if you show me the bow.
  20. I think you can still buy new skins for old Klepper frames. https://www.gorwa.de/Bootshaut
  21. Thanks Guys! I did a little googling (duckducking, actually) for the SDS-pdf files. It resulted in this little list I'd like to share: Oxalic Acid Content: Barkeeper's Friend 7.5 - 9.5 % Y-10 6.0 % Deck Cleaner Net-Trol 2.5 - 10 % International Stain Remover < 5% Star Brite Instant Hull Cleaner 5.0 - 10 % Yachticon Anti Gilb 5.0 - 10 % (+ 10% Citric Acid) Yachtcare Anti Gilb 5.0 - 10 % (+ 10% Citric Acid) AWN Anti
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