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  1. Well then Russell. I take you are not interested in my collection either. I would love fir you to have it.
  2. Me too. It will be interesting to see who they find for crew. Last time I looked we don’t have a large presence in foiling.
  3. Write a book Russell. Leave all the sleazy bits in.
  4. Especially with all the heavy cruising stuff in the interior.
  5. Have a look at Pete Melvin’s pro coach boats. Procoachboats.com they look like the hot ticket to me.
  6. I have always struggled with the idea of an “ emergency” rudder so have always sailed with a “ spare” rudder.
  7. I have a COMPLETE spare rig for my F85SR Mail Order Bride. Rig includes 37’ rotating mast, boom, lots of sails all used only three seasons. Contact me if you are interested. Rig is on Vancouver Island.
  8. You LBI ‘m a bit of a lurker here on SA . I find it to be very negative. Too bad as it does seem to have potential. You LB 15 seem to be a real obnoxious prick. Who are you? I am D Wayne Gorrie. Google me. I actually sail. Did I just break all the rules? Probably. You guys get to beak off and hide! Gotta give you credit. You are an obnoxious prick. You win!
  9. They ARE slow compared to an F boat but they are a lot more commodious. If you just want to cruise and the price is right why not?
  10. That boat did it’s sea trials in an early Vanisle 360. Had to cut it some slack as it was just being worked up. It was REALLY slow. We nicknamed it “Graceland”.
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