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  1. The problem is that the politicians seem to demand to be the ones to force "collective responsibilities" on everyone. I always get a little antsy when someone starts using "collective" in almost any context. The definitions are always rather one sided.
  2. Thanks for telling me. It is of some concern that you don't understand the ignore function.
  3. Why would I argue that DUI should be legal? It's pretty stupid of you to even think that I would do so. No, I won't admit that. You have no right to demand it and it is clear that you are being driven by fear of an unlikely event that you could minimize for yourself by getting vaccinated. BTW, I am equally against the opposite view where DeSantis is is mandating against mandates. I figure if a restaurant, cruise line or whatever wants to require masks or vaccinations before providing service that they are entitled to do so. Ever read Thoreau?? I heartily accept the motto
  4. Well, there was some math in it showing probabilities. It was probably over your head.
  5. The trouble is that if you believe the politicians the science changes from day to day. The others at risk are the un-vaccinated. "Breakthrough" is deceptive. If a vaccine is 95% effective then you can expect 5 percent of the receivers to get the disease if exposed. By this time, I expect that everybody in the US has been exposed to the virus. Nothing is breaking through anything. There are people for whom the vaccine does not work for any number of yet to be determined reasons. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the US has recorded 45 million cases of COVID 19 in a population
  6. And neither of you have an actual response beyond a fear biting attack. Keep growling.
  7. OOOOHHH, Breakthrough. What the fuck is that. A nice talking point bullet word? There is NO BREAKTHROUGH. There are people whose bodies do not accept the vaccine. That's why the vaccines are only 95% effective. I sure wish you would quantify things like "many times more" You somehow think that I am opposed to vaccines. I'm not as evidenced by my first statement. I think everyone who can should be vaccinated. I do not however support the government forcing everyone to be vaccinated and should allow personal choice. We have been trying to plan a trip to the UK for the
  8. I thought you liked the science. For the record, I've had both doses of Moderna and earlier this month got a third Moderna shot. I also had my high dose flu vaccine this week. The reason is that I am at risk due to age and some contributory causes that come with age. On the other hand, of the 700,000 deaths from COVID far less than 1000 (the last number I looked at was less than 500) have been of people under the age of 18. When they actually catch COVID it is asymptomatic or mild. If you look at a personal risk vs. benefit you can make a reasonable personal decision. If you
  9. Current culture is definitely hilarious. We will fix the world by making Superman Gay, Captain Marvel a woman, and Captain America Black. We'll remake Saved by the Bell but make the cast Black. Too bad they can't come up with some original heroes and story lines.
  10. A cut and paste from the NYT daily feed. Science vs. bureaucracy For the 15 million Americans who have received the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine, the confusing messages from the federal government just keep coming. An F.D.A. advisory panel is scheduled to vote today on whether J. & J. recipients should receive a booster shot. But the panel is not likely to vote on what seems to be the most relevant question: Should the booster shot come from one of the oth
  11. Nah, this time of year the agencies are campaigning for their budget. This was more about making NASA look good than Kamala. She's awarded a starring role to curry favor from the White House. The other thing they drag out every year around budget time is asteroid defense. "Your generation will see the craters of the moon with your own eyes." Well, you can actually do that from right here on earth without a space program. In fact, there are maps in caves that are at least 5000 years old. https://www.knowth.com/lunar-maps.htm If she is talking about walking on the moon, well,
  12. Well, you keep telling us how great she is. There should be some evidence. Wanna tell us why she withdrew? I seem to recall that she couldn't actually drum up much support. She did have one flurry when she blew a lot of money and then faded away.
  13. How many votes did democrats give her in the primaries?
  14. Ohhhh, you poor naive child.
  15. There are different sorts of production companies. Sinking Ship Entertainment’s website also states that the company has won a total of “24 Daytime Emmy® awards and was named the Most Innovative Producer at the 2021 Banff World Media Festival.” Announcing the launch of their series in collaboration with Harris, the entertainment company took to Instagram: “And it’s live! Check out the new YouTube Originals special Get Curious, where kids visit the Naval Observatory to talk to @vp Kamala Harris about the Space Council and so much more! Click the link in our bio! #WorldSpaceWeek“ h
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