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  1. Surely just doing away with the pumping rule altogether makes perfect sense. Why have a rule stops the competitor taking advantage of every ounce of performance their equipment and conditions can offer?
  2. Most likely a tube of Double Browns, hidden away for post race hydration without upsetting sponsors.
  3. Cheers as always TR, Despite a slide in the ranking i think i made it through Silly season in an acceptable position, looks like those around me have been steaming ahead while I stay, politely, around 3000 miles behind the leaders. Around the horn now, things will get easier from here right.....?
  4. Cheers as always TR for the updates, My jaunt off towards Indo seems to have paid massive dividends in terms of miles to leader, but has dropped me 8,000ish places on race position. Unfortunately no great story for why I was heading to indo other than avoiding a hole that was developing on the ice boundary. The last two updates have been interesting for me though. Not sure if its rewarding being east or south more, and whether its my miles to the leader or overall standing I should care about. Yesterdays - 38 Wattie MuritaiWatt 
  5. It looks like nothing happens if you hit the ripple strips, just don't cross the red line
  6. *Sadder Boat noises* Dont drink and drive people, or more accurately drink and then not drive
  7. Thanks TR Missing that first train really is a kick in the teeth as you see your position stay static but the miles between yourself and leaders build. Thank fuck its just a point and shoot every few hours from a couch or chair and not actually on the ice limit alone!
  8. Hahaha, touché, Just I posted, was searching you out in the game to find where abouts you were and hey presto, nice ranking was there. seemed a shame to waste it.
  9. Makes sense with such a nice ranking... Mean while I hope to catch the back end of this system, and get piggy backed across the southern ocean.....
  10. 15,000 place climb in VR, no change SA standings, but a 30 mile loss on the SA leader board. I really screwed the pooch with the call to not head west early enough, but am crossing my fingers for some more speed now on the other side of the Doldrums. Thanks for the Updates Rat. Appreciated.
  11. Paid the price for not west enough early enough, it was fun up front while it lasted! Pointing for the Centre of Theta and see what comes of that
  12. G'day, I'm in as MuritaiWatt, Foils only. Looking forward to keeping the back of the pack company.( @Tunnel Rat I followed you the other day in the game)
  13. How has deck mounting been going? I have been following this thread quietly, but have noticed that its been very still recently, I imagine its because you actually have work to do and a life to live outside of the workshop and SA But more photos would be cool
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