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  1. "best sailors in the world"? They just came 17th at the worlds. In most top sailing nations, their performance wouldn't be good enough to be sent to the Olympics.
  2. Who's Simon? Are you are playing the same game as others have tried, guessing who I am. Another fail to your credit I don't follow any of your "logic". You are suggesting that because they aren't using it, it doesn't work. That is completely wrong. Canting the rig works. it worked on the Groupama C Class, it works on A's and it works on boats of all scales. By "works", I mean that in a straight line, it has been proven to be faster than a non canting rig. That is not the issue. As with any form of racing, it is never the ability to produce straight line speed that counts. it is the abili
  3. Pleased to see you are still writing ignorant shit on forums. You want a fast foiler that uses a canting rig? How about the Groupama C Class. That had a canting rig which was seen as giving it a big advantage. The general view is that canting rigs are faster on foilers but are far more unreliable and very hard to make work particularly when changing tacks. This is why they have been removed from ocean racers. There is an old adage - to finish first, first you have to finish. There are practical reasons why you cannot cant a rig 45 degrees on a boat you need to tack (think about the rigging geo
  4. While I have to admit this was from Lallo, it was based on the Stunt and the views expressed above were certainly being posted by Michele at the time. They really make me laugh to read them today. While it doesn't take away anything from the Stunt cats, some of the comments look stupid today. Consider the following We have lots of "weekend warriors" now foiling A's well. The foiling A is significantly faster than any of the new boats on the market. Even weekend warriors are getting good speeds, while the top guys are now doing 22 knots upwind and over 30 knots downwind. Even
  5. FFS! The Laser class is not a SMOD. You have rocks in your head and have it buried in sand if you think that. There are 3 different manufacturers and most agree that the product varies a bit between those manufacturers, even if it is very subtle and most cannot spot or benefit from the differences. IIRC, there was a time when 5 different factories produced Lasers at the same time. All the proposed FRAND rule would do is return to a similar situation. There is not going to be a large number of new builders starting to make Lasers with no way of controlling the quality. Any new builder wil
  6. No way. Besides it being against the rules, why would they? It would make every boat/rig obsolete over night, meaning everybody would need to buy a new mast and 2 mainsails costing 100's of thousands while giving little added benefit. I believe you are mistaken, because of a key factor. There is a huge difference between a foiling boat that does 3 times wind speed and a conventional "leadmine". On foiling boats, a 20% improvement from the rig will probably give a 5% increase in performance. On a leadmine, you will be lucky to get 1% improvement. I am sure some will try it, but
  7. Put some of this into perspective. The 20% improvement is possible, maybe even more, but what you need to be considering is what percentage improvement that gives to boat speed and on a conventional boat, 20% improvement in rig efficiency would probably give you only a few percentage points gain in speed because hulls have a bigger impact on speed than rigs. Then consider the cost. It doesn't matter how much development is done, it is still going to cost something close to double a standard rig. Mast cost is a function of size, in this case sectional size, and for the double skin rig need
  8. I believe they make more on these boats, after taking into account the finance costs and the charter fees, than they would if they received an order for a similar number of boats to a sailing school or holiday company. There is no way they make a loss. Do you really think LP would have done it for a loss? No way!!! I keep hearing this but see no evidence of it and those involved deny it. People make the mistake of looking at what a "training sail" is being sold for by a small sailmaker and thinking that applies to a big sailmaker and an distribution set up that involves buying signific
  9. Yes they did, for a very limited period of time. The simulator is in the UK and IIRC, each team got a week, so something less than 3% of the amount of time ETNZ used their simulator for before launching their boat. For the boats to behave this well with crews who have had so little practice suggests the boats are rather well sorted.
  10. ^ This is not complicated. LP has suffered from cashflow problems for years. I know some of their suppliers have waited for a long time and imposed cash terms on LP. So what LP does is take orders from the USA with cash up front to fund their business. As they are always behind, they spend the pre-payments on European orders hoping to make enough money to be able to build the US boats. Well, that's the simple version. Add to that all the holding companies and the money that shifts between them to pay for royalties on things like use of the trademark - yes, one Rastegar pays another for the rig
  11. More selective memory trolling from the ETNZ fanboys. The reason why their boat did so well out of the box was that they had been sailing for months and months on their simulator and their boat behaved on the water in the way the simulator had predicted. Blair had many hundreds of hours experience in flying the boat. The guys "flying" the F50's this last weekend had about 10 hours training. For the teams in the AC50's to sail them as well as they did, it to hundreds or even thousands of hours training on simulators and/or the boats themselves.
  12. It is funny reading the stupidity that some write. I particularly like the claims that ETNZ would do better and that they would beat these teams in their AC50. The only way that would happen is if they were training 6 days a week for a year like they did for the AC. With limited training, there is no reason why they would be any better than the top teams. We have seen this with Pete and Blair in the 49er. With lots of training, they used to be unbeatable. Now, with less training, they haven't looked so good. The reason why the F50's aren't getting as much flight time as the AC50's is noth
  13. Australia weren't late on the water and their preparation was fine. It was agreed that the less experienced teams would be allowed more practice time than the top teams in order to help them catch up and produce better racing. Australia and Japan both had the same amount of sailing time. Japan were given the least time training in Sydney because of the perceived advantage Nathan had being the only AC skipper and then having done most of the development work. Because of being on home water, the Australians got more time on the water than they would have at another venue and that extra time show
  14. Not sure what that has got to do with this as we are making comparisons between the AC50's and F50's. The 75's don't even figure in that discussion. Interesting thing is how many races Artemis won or would have won over ETNZ but for a stupid and later admitted wrong call (3 out of 9), considering they were in a far inferior boat. How do you win 1/3rd of the races in an inferior boat? Makes anybody who is objective wonder which was really the better crew.
  15. What all the critics seem to miss is that even before ETNZ hit the water, they had spent 100's (maybe even 1000's) of hours on the simulator. The other AC teams practiced, mostly out of sight, for 1000's of hours. The F50 sailors had about 15 hours on a simulator and the team that sailed most had something like 25 hours on the water. Of course the AC teams will look better. If they didn't, there would be something wrong. What the sailors from Bermuda say, without exception, is that these boats are faster and (slightly) easier to sail. Consider that every bit of data is available to every
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