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  1. How about "I am minding my own business, are you?"
  2. Umm no. If the capital is not spent on consumption, it is available for investment which increases the productivity of the economy, creates jobs and raises tax collections. Do you think if it is not consumed it just sits there under a mattress? That is not how yo get rich and stay rich.
  3. You can charter a Bermuda 40 for a week first
  4. Tripp 55 ex-Aurora, ex-Flyway II just sold from Norfolk, VA to Nova Scotia. Old listing here: http://www.trippdesign.net/brokerage-charter/brokerage/aurora and here https://www.kdyachtbrokerage.com/aurora
  5. This is anecdotal so i will respond with one of my own. The successful couple from Generation 1 provides their children with every advantage you discussed. As a result, the children develop into selfish narcissists, indulge too much in drugs and alcohol and drop out of school. One overdoses and dies. The other has to work a minimum wage job and doesn't want to wait for her inheritance. She kills her parents, goes on a spending spree and then commits suicide when caught. End of meritocracy!
  6. Wouldn't it be more effective from the cutwater at the bow to the forward point of the bulb?
  7. Rail is not an option. They don't want to deal with one-off unique cargos like this unless you are shipping something big and expensive like windmill blades or rocket bodies.
  8. Have you asked the offending competitor why his reported finishing time is factually incorrect as demonstrated by the times of the boats finishing before and after? Is there any possibility it is an error which, if brought to light, might result in a revision of the reported time or withdrawal? I for one would be highly embarrassed to be called out on such a blatant mistake/intent to cheat/problem.
  9. I am 6' even and I don't recall ever being close to bumping but 6' 6" is a whole 'nother level!! The cabin does have a step down from the galley and nav area to the dinette/pilot berth and forward cabin which helps preserve headroom. The cabin house is truncated forward of the mast so you will be limited in the forward cabin and 6'6" won't fit there. The hull shape is narrow and deep as was the style then as opposed to shallow and flat currently.
  10. I delivered one from Long Island Sound to Maine. We cruised it so it took a week. Same rig as the one you are looking at but fiberglass not teak decks. My major observation is that the boat is undercanvassed for its displacement. It is heavy so broad reaching and running required at least 13 knots of wind. Anything less and we would usually use the engine especially in the ocean with swells. Second, the mizzen was difficult to furl because most of it was well aft of the stern pulpit. It was the longest boom on a mizzen I have ever seen on a yawl. Suggest you stand on the aft deck and see h
  11. Based on comparables, it is worth less than $50k. Got a ways to go and winter is coming!
  12. Need fewer people in the cockpit and more on the rail hiking - second row in the peanut gallery behind Steam Flyer
  13. Plus more for hull repair especially to the cracked transom/topsides/deck joint
  14. All of you recommending California - why haven't you said anything about the exorbitant income taxes??!! That makes it an automatic non-starter for me since taxes only go in one direction and that is up! Plus the government employee pension plans are severely underfunded so that money is eventually going to come from you as well. I will visit though LOL!!
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